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Christopher De Leon says he had no hesitations about doing the sexy film ‘The Escort’

Christopher De Leon talks about his new sexy drama with Lovi Poe and Derek Ramsay.

Christopher De Leon says he had no hesitations about doing the sexy film ‘The Escort’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/30/2016 08:41 AM
Christopher De Leon says he had no hesitations about doing the sexy film ‘The Escort’

103016-CristopherDeLeon_PUSH.jpgWith an acting career that has spanned more than three decades, Christopher De Leon revealed why he did not hesitate to play the role of a rich big time realtor-widower who falls in love with Lovi Poe in the Regal films project The Escort. “First and foremost when I read the material and I knew that I would be working with director Enzo (Williams) but this is an experience. I watched this movie kasi Indecent Proposal ni Demi Moore and Robert Redford. Sabi ko one of these days I want to play something like that and then answered prayers talaga. The offered me this role and I completely fell in love with it so I grabbed it right away. This is a sexy film. It tells you a lot about the escort business and then of course the drama between Derek Ramsay, Lovi Poe, and myself. This is entirely different from the films we see na rom-com and the heavy drama. Yung escort business pala is entirely different. I didn’t know na may tinatawag pala na first date experience and meron pang so on and so forth. So when I read the material sabi ko, ‘It’s very exciting. I’d love to do this,” he said.

The veteran actor saud doing the movie also opened his eyes to what goes on in an escort business. "More often yung mga roles ko before love triangles and all the love scenes and yun nga naging father role and all that. This is going to be another interesting role sa career ko actually. And it’s going to be fun. Siguro this is the first year in the Philippines to tackle this subject and at the same time sa America meron na yan. I was surprised actually na meron here at the same time pero patago. It’s not actually legal but there it is. But my journey as Gary Montenilla is entirely different. The character falls in love with Yassi the receptionist in the escort business and who give everything, his riches, his life, everything, just to be able to marry her. Actually there was an indecent proposal. So it’s really running after Yassi, that’s my journey at the same time my experience with the escort business,” he explained.

During the presscon, Christopher also admitted that his longevity in showbiz has always been because of his passion for the craft. "God has been very good and gracious giving me opportunities like these movies, doing movies and playing roles. And then at the same time you just really have to respect and love your work because it was given by God and do it right. Kumbaga kung doctor ako, tatanda akong doctor. Kung lawyer ako, tatanda akong lawyer. I’m an entertainer. I’m an actor, Siguro tatanda rin ako like Eddie Garcia doing movies and doing television. Playing roles, telling stories, I love that. I love telling stories,” he said.

If the 59-year-old actor has any big secret to looking good at his age, it is a healthy diet and lifestyle. "I don’t know what to say. It’s so hard to answer that. I try to sleep eight hours a day. I love my work. I pray consistently. I don’t eat pork (laughs). I eat a lot of veggies. I work out a lot. I try to work out almost every day. I have a gym in the house. I enjoy life and thank God I’m like this (laughs),” he added.

Doing a love scene with younger actress Lovi Poe was a delicate scene that Christopher proudly admitted was tastefully executed. "Wala ka pang naririnig na leading lady ko na umangal and then heard that I took advantage them. You never heard any news about that and in fact before doing the scene, we talked to Lovi about what i’m going to do nga. That’s about it. Nothing really erotic. Ours is just a gentle sort of a love scene. No, not gentle. It started as gentle but it was rough (laughs),” he admitted.