CJ Navato explains why he’s not courting Kristel Fulgar

CJ Navato and Kristel Fulgar explain why they choose to remain friends.


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10/3/2016 8:38 AM
CJ Navato explains why he’s not courting Kristel Fulgar

100316-CJKristel_MAIN.jpgOn Gandang Gabi Vice, CJ Navato and Kristel Fulgar deny that there is something romantic going on between them. 

Although Vice teased them toward one another, CJ said he is not courting Kristel.

Kristel also revealed, “Kasi po friends na kami even before pa. Ayaw namin masira yung friendship di ba?” 

CJ added, “Solid nga e. Ang ganda nung ang kumportable ko lang sa kanya.” 

The music collaboration of the two started last May during their guesting on ASAP. In the dressing room, CJ’s grandmother told Kristel, “Uy ang galing-galing mo naman mag-duet naman kayo ni CJ,” to which Kristel responded, “okay po.” 

Kristel said yes because, “alam ko kumakanta naman talaga siya, Going Bulilit pa lang kumakanta na talaga siya.” 

Kristel and CJ have both released digital singles respectively. They have also collaborated on a duet “Baka Pwede Naman Siguro” released by Star Music.