Boy on parting ways with Kris: It’s nothing new

Boy on parting ways with Kris: It’s nothing new-Gerry  Plaza
Gerry Plaza


10/03/2016 09:04 AM
Boy on parting ways with Kris: It’s nothing new

100316-BoyAbunda-PUSHER.jpgIt might take a very long time before we see Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino on TV together, after close to 16 years being close to inseparable on-air.

But for Boy, whose successful patented Fast Talk-style talk show Tonight With Boy Abunda is celebrating its first year anniversary, said such goodbyes are nothing new, and that their friendship off-cam will always remain.

“We are always together. As a matter of fact, 30 minutes from now I’ll be with her. So the conversation off cam continues,” Boy tells PUSH in an exclusive interview.

There have been times they went on separate ways professionally after their programs were cancelled or reformatted. However, this is the first time in nearly two decades that one of them would depart to join a new network.

According to Boy, there were no ill feelings or hurt despite talk that he had been out of the loop in Kris’ conversations with her now co-manager Tony P. Tuviera, president and CEO of TAPE, Inc., producer of Eat Bulaga!. Kris had agreed to terms with TAPE for a show to air on GMA-7. 

“This is nothing new. This is not a strange concept to us. We’ve had our goodbyes in the past but not as friends.  I still do her contracts. We are still in constant communication with each other,” Boy said.

Boy noted how he and Kris enjoyed their ride together as co-hosts through the years, particularly their last project on ABS-CBN, Aquino and Abunda Tonight. 

“It was very nice, it was very exciting. We can read each other’s aura,” Boy said. Even the concept of Tonight With Boy Abunda, he said, was something he shared collaboratively with Kris.

“Even before we did Aquino and Abunda Tonight, it was our plan to do a ‘15 Minutes with Boy Abunda.’ So she knew from the very start that it was material that I was thinking about. And of course it became convenient for us to do a show together,” Boy revealed.

What was special about his 1-year-old talk show was its pace, he said.

“It’s very loose, it’s very fluid. I can open and say anything I want. I like the quickness of the interviews. And of course the brand equity of the interviews, which is the Fast Talk I invented. It’s the brevity.”

Boy said that after one year, the show will be introducing changes but will retain its “core.”

“The changes are massive. Lalo na in the context of viewing preferences. So we will certainly continue to listen to opinions, to preferences while retaining to the core of what we think that needs to be done,” he noted.