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REVIEW: ‘The Escort’ gives a glimpse of what it really means to pay for love

Lovi Poe and Derek Ramsay find themselves in a different kind of love triangle in this sexy drama.


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10/28/2016 10:52 AM
REVIEW: ‘The Escort’ gives a glimpse of what it really means to pay for love

102816-TheEscort_PUSH.jpgThe movie The Escort works on the premise that in Metro Manila, there is a very different kind of agency that sells more than what it promises online. By name, Luxe is an online luxury bag website but in reality it is an escort service that caters to clientele of all sexual persuasions.

The film starts out by establishing their main character Jasi (played by Lovi Poe) as so pure and genuine that her virginity is a fact that is highlighted in at least three scenes in the film. Jasi was content to work as a waitress at a bar with her childhood friend (played by Albie Casino) until she is offered a job as a receptionist by an escort agency owner (Derek Ramsay). Lovi plays the role of a naive and naturally beautiful woman well until she gets introduced to a world of five-inch heels and dresses with thigh high slits which seem to end up being her entire wardrobe halfway through the film/

Derek plays a former male escort turned business owner whose initial goal was to make Lovi an escort but ends up falling for her instead. Their situation becomes more complicated when connections to his past come back to haunt him and she gets involved in the situation. Of course, Derek's abs and smoldering gaze are in full force once again all throughout the story, but this time he is able to convey his character's vulnerability in key scenes as well.

Christopher De Leon plays recent widower Miguel Montenilla, a powerful man who suddenly takes an interest in the escort agency because he was instantly smitten by Yasi. Although it can be argued that people deal with grief in different ways, this character seemed to have skipped the mourning stage and went straight to asking Yasi to become his second wife. When life becomes complicated for Yasi, Miguel finds himself in a position to save her, destroy her, or do both at the same time. Christopher de Leon delivers nothing less than a good performance as usual. But his limited scenes make us wish he could've fleshed out his role more if he had gotten more screen time. 

Supporting cast members also played a big role in making The Escort a more memorable film. Dimples Romana gets all the punchlines for her role as Brenda, a veteran escort who is still searching for her one true love. Jean Garcia plays Derek's business partner slash client and their scenes together are one of the movie's most surprising pairings. Rommel Padilla plays Jean Garcia's husband, a corrupt public official who gets out of jail and is out for revenge.

All in all, The Escort not only gives a glimpse of what goes on in the life of an escort, the sacrifices they make (both physically and mentally) and the motivations they have to keep them in the business. The movie also shows that love can be bought, even if just for a little while. And that sometimes choosing to love someone can come with a very high price.