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Sam Milby on playing a gay role: ‘I’m comfortable with my sexuality’

Sam Milby talks about the hardest part about his newest role in ‘The Third Party.’


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10/16/2016 12:34 AM
Sam Milby on playing a gay role: ‘I’m comfortable with my sexuality’

101516-SamMilby_PUSH.jpgWith his newest Star Cinema project The Third Party now showing in cinemas nationwide, Sam Milby admitted that he did not think twice about accepting the role of bisexual doctor Max in the romantic drama. "Walang hesitation. I was excited kasi nga as an actor you’re always looking for something different, a different role to challenge yourself so no hesitation,” he shared.

In the movie, Sam breaks up with his high school sweetheart (Angel Locsin) after their college graduation and leaves for the States to go to medical school. He returns to the country five years later with a new boyfriend (Zanjoe Marudo).

Although they both play gay roles, Sam said he and Zanjoe had very different ways to tackle their characters. “(Sabi ni Zanjoe mas bading siya) pero para sa akin hindi rin. Parang parehas kami. Ako mas childish ako. Siya yung mas strong ang personality siguro,” he explained.

Having never played a gay role before, Sam said he did not have any doubts about accepting the role. "Ako I’m comfortable with my sexuality. I think if I were someone that was trying to hide that about me, I don’t think I’d want to do a role that would expose that part about me. Wala, people can think what they want,” he said.

Sam said he just wanted to focus on being believable in his role instead of worrying about possible gay rumors. "Yun na siguro yung pinaka-hardest challenge ko dito sa movie, yung maging believable yung love namin sa isa’t isa ni Zanjoe. Pero ang gusto ko dito it’s a light movie. It’s a romantic comedy so parang hindi ko ma-imagine na gawin ang mga movies na parang Broke back Mountain na sobrang seryoso na ganyan. Hindi ko lang ma-imagine na kaya kong mag-act in scenes like that but dito it was fun. Fun naman yung role ko,” he explained.