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Avi Siwa threatens to take legal actions against Vina Morales’ boyfriend

According to the sexy model, P28,000 is not enough for their child’s monthly needs



10/15/2016 2:46 AM
Avi Siwa threatens to take legal actions against Vina Morales’ boyfriend

101416-Avi_PUSH.jpgModel Avi Siwa took to Instagram to express her latest frustrations about her ex-boyfriend Marc Lambert.

It may be recalled that Marc, who is currently Vina Morales’ boyfriend, has a daughter with the sexy model. The 2009 FHM Magazine cover girl claimed that Marc is only sending P28,000 for their child. She claims, however, that the amount is “not enough” given that he’s living a luxurious life in Switzerland.

“What do you think of a FATHER who sends P28,000/mo d last 11 months & not providing my child her home while he spends LUXURY VACATIONS IN FANCY SKI RESORTS, giving her GF expensive gifts, flying BUSINESS CLASS all the time - shamelessly broadcasting these online, living in a LUXURY HOME, driving a LAMBORGHINI SUPERLEGGERA & RANGE ROVER in Geneva, a PORSCHE CAYENNE in Manila (w/c is just sitting in his parking lot), big apartment in Makati outfitted w/ top-of-the line appliances & expensive interiors, 2 DRIFTING CARS, one he bought while I was struggling last year pregnant of his child while he spends at least P30,000 in a few hours of drifting classes or party his head out with friends? This is what MARC LAMBERT is about,” she wrote.

Avi also said that Marc promised her that he would take care of everything for their daughter. “He knew that I couldn't afford having a child, I was honest abt my financial situation - I wanted marriage before having a child - but he insisted & promised he will take care of EVERYTHING. I trusted his words & NOW we're here. No home, no car & mere 28k for baby I was trying to budget to survive w/ my child, while I try to close business deals & find work.

“All happening while he LIVES A LUXURY LIFE in Geneva, Switzerland & SPENDS EXPENSIVE VACATIONS at least 4 times a year. He ONLY drinks FINE WINES & eat GOURMET DISHES from lunch to dinner EVERYDAY.

“Tell me, do you think 28k allowance w/o any other support is RIGHT? Ul agree that it's a BIG INSULT to my child. It took me almost 2 years to hv d courage to speak about it bec I am too kind & maybe weak bec I didn't have anything then.”

The model also reiterated that if Marc wouldn’t listen, she might consider filing charges against him.

“If Marc thinks our daughter is undeserving of this 'non-negotiable terms' w/c is NOTHING compared to his LUXURY LIFESTYLE, then we can fight this n court. I AM READY.”

In 2015, Avi also got into an online spat with Vina after accusing the singer-actress that she’s keeping him from visiting their child.

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