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Sharon Cuneta loses 3 half-siblings in a month

Megastar felt that a lot has been taken away from her lately

Joan Leary


10/12/2016 10:42 PM
Sharon Cuneta loses 3 half-siblings in a month

101216-SharonCuneta2_PUSH.jpgSharon Cuneta expressed her grief and sadness as her three half-siblings passed away in just a month on Facebook.

“A month or so ago, I lost a half-brother, Kuya Danny. I was never particularly close to him, but there was no bad blood between us,” she said.

“About two weeks ago, I lost another half-brother, my above brother’s brother, Kuya Freddie. I felt worse about losing him as our Daddy wanted nothing more than all his very many children to get along. Kuya Freddie and my Mom had a falling out years ago. And, well, you know how fiercely protective I was of my parents. I regret that we never had the opportunity to make up and forgive each other in person,” she added.

Yesterday, October 11, Megastar received a phone call and learned that her half-sister Ningning also passed away.

“I received a message from my niece Josette saying my half-sister, the last of the three siblings (children of one mother), my Ate Ningning, passed away. I never had the chance to talk to her in the past several months. You always think there is going to be a tomorrow, until there are no more of it,” she added. “My condolences to all their – our family.”

Sharon didn’t disclose any details about their deaths saying that they were “private matters.”

But she continued, “All I can say is if I could have been there more, in more ways than one, I would have without any hesitation.”

“It feels like so many are being taken away from me… I pray this is it. At least for a long while,” she said.

Danny, Freddie and Ningning are Sharon’s siblings with the late Pasay City Mayor Pablo Cuneta.