Kris Aquino admits she is open to dating again

Kris Aquino shares her biggest fears in life.

Kris Aquino admits she is open to dating again-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/12/2016 10:23 AM
Kris Aquino admits she is open to dating again

101216-KrisAquino_PUSH.jpgIn her first public appearance since June this year, Kris Aquino admitted she has opened her heart again to love. During the Ariel Wash Your Fears summit event held last October 11 in Makati city, the Queen of all Media revealed to the guests what her biggest fear in life was. "Being alone. Kasi six years ago when we separated and I thought na baka it was the end of the road as far as loving is concerned. It was so hard kasi parang I was being blamed for it. Na parang he was fighting for you, why didn't you give him a chance? So five years ago that was the fear. The fear of the annulment. Anybody who has gone through it knows it's hell," she shared.

The Ariel ambassador admitted she has opened up her heart again to meeting someone new. "I'm getting to know people. I guess siguro that's also the privilege of not having been working seven days a week. I've been meeting people. And take note, plural. Ang taray! (laughs)" she revealed.

During the presscon, Kris also shared how her youngest son Bimby felt about the arrival of dad James Yap's new baby. "I'll be honest again, I was afraid of how Bimby would react to his new sibling. Thank you Lord na okay siya. He's in a good place kasi I've been discussing it with him I've been saying please tell me when you’re ready. Kasi let's make the call. Let's be the one to call them and say, 'Hey I'd like to meet my brother.'  And then Bimby said, 'Okay mom I'll tell you when,’" she shared.

Kris admitted that more than being a public figure, she is first and foremost a mother. She also did not hide how disappointed she was in her ex-husband. "Kasi it's not about you eh, it's about your child. It's about how it will affect the child and I'll break it out in the open, my child found out about it on Facebook. It was not told to him. I'm not disparaging them because that was their choice. I want them to also be happy and peaceful because when there's peace and happiness on the other side then there's also peace and happiness in your home. Pero yun lang. Nasaktan ako kasi my son deserved to find out na sana diniretso sa kanya. And dun ako siguro hindi dahil nagselos ako or naunahan ako. Hindi. As a mother you will shield your child. But I was so surprised by the level of maturity from my son. Hindi ako nanulsol. Sinabi ko lang sa kanya na, 'Bimb this is the issue. Dad is public. We are public. So how do we deal with this?' she explains. 

To soften the blow for her son, Kris said she took steps to make sure they were not in the city when the baby arrived. "I'll be honest, bumiyahe kami na tiniming ko nung ni-research ko kung kelan yung due date because I wanted to spare my son from that. Nagkamali pa ako, two weeks after pa pala (laughs). So nasayang lang yung biyahe. But the way my son was taking it is really good because I was prepared for him to say huwag na. But he said, 'Yah, I'd like to meet him.' And I think it also helps kasi he has a brother naman. It's really just up to the adults di ba? The kids will take their cue by how mature the adults are," she shared.

Kris said she decided to break her silence during the Ariel presscon because she wanted to put to rest issues concerning her and her family. "Ang hirap maging tahimik kasi isang side lang yung naririnig. So sabi ko one time big time na ito. Let's do this," she added.