8 celebrity kids who should be in showbiz (Part 2)

Joan Leary


01/31/2016 07:47 AM
8 celebrity kids who should be in showbiz (Part 2)


There are some kids who seem to belong in the spotlight like their superstar parents. In another installment of celebrity kids who should be in showbiz, Push lists down the celeb offspring who could be stars themselves.

Ina Raymundo’s son, Jakob
Actress Ina Raymundo’s only son Jakob is one of her five kids with Canadian-Ukranian businessman Brian Poturnak. Ten-year-old Jakob is a baseball player who even plays in other countries like Singapore.

Angel Aquino’s daughter, Iana Bernardez
Iana Bernardez took up BS Psychology in Ateneo de Manila University last 2014. She is currently in the field of Marketing and Advertising. Iana also loves outdoor activities.

Jennylyn Mercado’s son, Jazz
Alex Jazz, who turned seven years old last August 16 is Jennylyn’s son with actor Patrick Garcia. Jennylyn shared on Kris TV that her son is taking therapy classes.

Sunshine Cruz's daughter, Samantha Montano
Sunshine Cruz has three daughters with actor Cesar Montano and Samantha is the second of her brood. This Ariana Grande fan is currently studying at De La Salle Zobel.

Cherie Gil's daughter, Bianca
Bianca Eigenmann Rogoff is Cherie Gil's daughter with the renowned Isreali violinist Rony Rogoff. Bianca is based in the United States, pursuing a Theatre Arts degree in New York. She is also musically inclined she can play the piano.

Cherie Gil's son, Raphael
Raphael Eigenmann Rogoff is also based in the US where he is a high school senior at Scarsdale High School. He is also part of their school's Drama Club.

Janice de Belen's daughter, Kaila Estrada
Aside from Janice de Belen and John Estrada's daughter Inah Estrada who has joined show business, Kaila Estrada should also be in the spotlight. 19-year-old Kaila has already modeled for Chalk Magazine.

Gladys Reyes's daughter, Aquisha
Aquisha is Gladys Reyes's daughter with her husband Christopher Roxas. Aquisha recently turned 7 last July.