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EXCLUSIVE: Dingdong Avanzado on daughter Jayda: ‘It saddens me to see my daughter be a victim’

Dingdong Avanzado admits he feels the need to protect his only child from cyber bullying.

EXCLUSIVE: Dingdong Avanzado on daughter Jayda: ‘It saddens me to see my daughter be a victim’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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01/22/2016 09:48 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Dingdong Avanzado on daughter Jayda: ‘It saddens me to see my daughter be a victim’
012216-dingdong1_main.jpgAfter his daughter Jayda Avanzado posted a photo of herself with Bailey May on Instagram, fans of Bailey's love team BaiLona responded with mixed reactions, with some even bashing the promising young singer for using the PBB737 teen to gain more attention. Jayda’s mom Jessa Zaragoza has been defending her daughter by responding to nasty commenters online.

This time, Jayda's dad Dingdong Avanzado told Push.com.ph about how he felt about the whole incident. The Hitback: The 3-Peat artist who will be performing a three-peat of his concert on January 23 said that having a love team is the last thing on his daughter's mind. His wife Jessa had mentioned in previous interviews that Jayda wants to enter showbiz as a singer. "As a parent, it saddens me to see my daughter be a victim of this. Especially when she did nothing wrong. There are people that can be so quick to judge without even knowing the facts first. Let me be clear, Jayda is only 12 years old and is too young to be even thinking about getting involved in any love team for that matter. Her focus is on her studies and her music. She wants to be the best artist that she can be by continuing to develop her talent. She doesn't need to resort to any gimmickry to be noticed or become famous. Even at a young age, she has already manifested a great passion and dedication for music. (you can even ask the people that know her well) That is why her mom and I are here to fully support her in her desire to embark on a career in the music entertainment industry," he explained.

Dingdong hopes that people will think twice before saying hurtful or slanderous things online especially to a minor like his daughter. "Cyber bullying is a crime and should be stopped. Freedom of expression and freedom of speech should not be used as a license to perpetrate this kind of activity. Democratic principles have responsibilities attached to it. How is this any different from Slander or Libel?" he said.

012216-dingdong1_main.jpgDingdong admitted he will definitely be more protective of Jayda now after this incident. "It is the responsibility of every parent to look out for their child. You can bet that I will be more protective of her but let me tell you, Jayda despite her having a sweet and innocent outlook is deep down mentally strong and determined. She will definitely not let something like this or anybody for that matter drag her down," he stressed.

Even though Jayda performing was one of the highlights of Jessa's concert last January 15, Dingdong said he and his wife have decided to let her rest during his concert. "Jayda won't be performing in my concert this Saturday at the Music Museum. Though she was a guest of mine during the two previous #Hitback concerts, we decided for her to rest and prepare for her upcoming performance at the MOA as opening act for The Vamps. Opening for the Vamps is really a tremendous opportunity for Jayda and we are really excited for that the most because we see this as a huge window for Jayda's young music career. Besides she was already a guest of her mom during her concert I Am Me held last week," he explained.

After being part of the industry for the past three decades, Dingdong said he is thankful that despite Jayda's detractors, the year is still starting out positive for him and his family. "2016 is off to a great start for us. Imagine all three of us have major concerts at the first month of the year. What a blessing indeed. We have planned for the I Am Me concert to go on tour as well as the #Hitback series since both concerts have been well received. We are currently in the final stages of negotiations for the various legs of the tour," he shared.

Aside from being the incumbent Vice Governor of Siquijor, Dingdong also directed his wife's successful concert. For Jayda, he hopes he can guide her to stay strong despite all the challenges in being in the limelight. "My advice for her is still the same; to stay focused on her development as an artist and remain humble and true to her music. Her mom and I will be all out in our support for her," he said.

Dingdong Avanzado's #Hitback: The 3-Peat concert also features The Doorbells, with Elmer Blancaflor as musical director and is produced by Phenomenal Entertainment in cooperation with AIM MBM ’96, Proceeds from the show will benefit the AIM Scholarship Fund. Tickets are available at the Music Museum at 721-6726. For inquiries, please contact Leah at 0917-5300724.