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Jericho Rosales on winning MMFF Best Actor: ‘It was just timing and God’s grace’

Jericho Rosales admits he wants to do projects like ‘Honor Thy Father’ and ‘Heneral Luna.’

Jericho Rosales on winning MMFF Best Actor: ‘It was just timing and God’s grace’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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01/20/2016 09:29 AM
Jericho Rosales on winning MMFF Best Actor: ‘It was just timing and God’s grace’
012016-jericho_main.jpgJericho Rosales was out of the country when he won best actor for Walang Forever at the Metro Manila Film Festival last month and he admitted he was shocked when he found out the results. "I was like, ‘Seryoso ba sila?’ That was my initial reaction. For me kasi parang yung awards nights, siguro in this particular time in my career, at least yung idea ko ng awards ay yung it has to be yung mga films na mabigat, you know what I mean?  Yung mga ganung klase. And being part of a romantic feel good movie slash medyo may comedy ng konti, hindi ko talaga ini-imagine yung awards na ganun. So I was shocked, it took me ten, twenty minutes actually. We were about to sleep and I couldn’t sleep kasi nasa Australia and the awards night was actually happening in Manila. So livestream, madaling araw na sa amin like 3 am. So sabi ko, ‘Oh my gosh what’s happening’ and people started congratulating me and then finally somebody sent me a video of Jennylyn Mercado accepting the award for me. So to sum it all up parang I was shocked and for days and actually more than a week, around two weeks I couldn’t relax,” he shared.

Echo admitted that it also felt like he won all over again after his family finally got to see the movie. "Actually my wife and my mom said when they watched, ‘I think you deserved to win. You deserve the award,’ parang ganun. I’m thankful. My friends are happy, everyone’s happy. I’m happy and I’m surprised until now. For me it’s timing and a little bit of I don’t know, maybe it’s unfair pag narinig ng ibang tao na if I say chamba but for me it was just timing and God’s grace,” he recalled.

The Kapamilya actor said that although he was aware of the controversy surrounding another MMFF film Honor Thy Father, he has nothing but respect for their competitor film. “So when we started talking about it even before namin matapos yung buong film and napanuod yung preview they said, ‘You might win’ or ‘Ikaw yung best actor for us’ or something like that. People were saying that. I don’t know why. But of course kasi I’m talking about Honor Thy Father and John Lloyd’s (Cruz) performance. I did (watch it) just a few days ago. I watched it with Kim and my manager. The film was good. For me siyempre yun yung mga tipo ng pelikula na gusto kong gawin, parang ganun,” he admitted.

Even now that he is celebrating 20 years in showbiz, Echo admitted there was a time when he wanted to quit. "That happened in 2006-2007. I got tired. I did music. After Panday and Pacquiao I stopped acting for one year. I did music and the band scene for one year. Then came back ano na yan project na with Sarah Geronimo, Maja Salvador, and Rica Peralejo,” he said.

But Echo renewed his love for acting after doing an indie movie that helped him find his passion again. “(When I went back) for me hindi talaga na-renew yung love ko for acting nung time na yun. It was just I loved music so much and I still wanted to do music but my managers felt like I have to go back to acting. So I did the show with Sarah which was acting and singing at the same time but then my heart wasn’t into it, mabigat pa yung loob ko. Mabigat pa. I wasn’t ready yet. Then I did Bridges of Love yata eh. It was actually Alagwa that helped me, parang na-confirm niya yung I have to be in the scene, I have to be making movies that I like, I have to create or produce or be involved in the music or the movie projects that I love or else it won’t work. So now if somebody forces me to accept a project just because they think it would work parang for me hindi ko gagawin because I know that the projects that would work is for me yung may spark, parang ganun. Yung wholeheartedly gagawin ko,” he added.

As one of the most underrated actors of his generation, Echo admitted he also auditioned for the lead role in Heneral Luna but concedes that John Arcilla was the perfect choice. Now, Echo said he wants his career path to consist more of quality over quantity. "It’s not that I don’t want to do it, it’s just that I’m pickier now. I always think about longevity and I don’t want that skyrocket kind of fame na bigla and then kokontrolin mo yung aircraft mo habang nagka-crash yun. I don’t like that. Gusto ko smooth sailing ako parati. Longevity talaga, premium quality. Tumatatak, naaalala, ganun. I like that and I like the word underrated. It means so much to me. Mas may dating yun,” he said.