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Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati say they have plans to wed soon

Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati share their kilig journey from being sweethearts to having baby Zion.


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9/8/2015 6:14 AM
Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati say they have plans to wed soon

The two met while doing a teleserye and they quickly hit it off because as Sarah puts it, “We have so much in common.” At first they kept things private but later on they revealed their relationship by posting pictures on social media.

Sarah said that at first her parents were “aloof” towards Richard, but they warmed up to him after they got more acquainted with each other. Sarah said that she was also scared the first time she met Richard’s mom, Annabelle Rama. However, when Sarah got to know Annabelle better, she changed her mind about Richard’s mom’s ‘mataray’ reputation. “She’s such a different person from what we see on TV,” she explained.

She was in Paris with Richard when they confirmed that she was pregnant. Sarah then decided to leave showbiz, “take a break to just focus on my pregnancy.” She also decided to stay in Geneva, Switzerland while awaiting the birth of their baby. Sarah admitted that they did not plan on having a baby yet but at the same time baby Zion has been their greatest blessing and something that she doesn’t regret.

Richard and Sarah then carried on a “long distance parental affair.” Richard admitted it being one of the toughest times in his life because, “Alam kong mag-isa siya sa Switzerland.” Richard also says that the highlight of his days that time was when Sarah would update him about the prenatal developments of baby Zion.

When Sarah was almost full term into her pregnancy, Richard had a chance to take a leave from work and visit Sarah. “Wala akong ginagawa kundi bilangin ang araw ng pagdating niya at antayin ang paglabas ni Zion,” Sarah shared.  

Richard was so happy seeing Sarah big and pregnant. “I was so happy na makita siya. Sobrang laki na niya nun. Sobrang cute para sa akin.”  Richard also enjoyed his time in Switzerland, where he is not a star and he could roam free just like a regular citizen. “I would ride the train alone, buy her food, and come back to her.”

Luckily, Sarah gave birth when Richard was with her in Switzerland. “I was so happy I was there during the birth. Ako ang unang nakahawak kay baby Zion.”  Sarah gave birth to cute baby Zion on May 17, 2013.

The two kept mum about baby Zion for a year until Richard announced Baby Zion’s existence on June 2014.

Now Zion is a toddler and Richard shared their plans for him. “We want him to finish his studies, then he can do what he wants after that.”

Richard and Sarah also clasped each other’s hands tightly during the interview as they announced, “We have plans for soon,” referring to their wedding. They also hugged baby Zion and said, “We’re very happy where we are.”