Five times ‘Etiquette for Mistresses’ debunked generalizations

‘Etiquette for Mistresses’

Five times ‘Etiquette for Mistresses’ debunked generalizations-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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09/30/2015 10:02 AM
Five times ‘Etiquette for Mistresses’ debunked generalizations


When plans to make Etiquette for Mistresses into a film were announced a couple of months ago, many immediately went up in arms and raised a ruckus online that we don't need another "kabit movie."

Many presumed that Etiquette for Mistresses would do nothing but "glorify" and "give precedence" to much-scoffed about illicit affairs and paramours.

But, after seeing the Chito Rono-helmed film based on the book written by Jullie Yap-Daza, noticed that the film actually steered away from the initial stereotyping and generalizations that many made about it.

If anything, it became a stark reminder that being a mistress is not something that you would want for yourself.

1. Being a mistress never happens by accident, it is always by choice.

This was something that the story identified early on the film which pretty much described the plight of the characters of Kris Aquino, Iza Calzado, Kim Chiu, Claudine Barretto, and Cheena Crab.

Rule #9 even states: "Perish all the thought that you will be number 1."

2. Consequently, being a mistress is never a dead end which no one could escape from.

Like what Rule #10 implies "If all else fails, leave him."

Since it is done with full knowledge, being a mistress can also be undone subject by the person's own volition and willfulness. In short, it is never permanent.

3. It is not true that being a mistress is filled with happiness and excitement.

Although, it may seem like it, in truth, being a mistress is filled with anxiety and uncertainty, which is what the film showed the entire time.

Rule #8 pretty much sums it up: "Mistresses should be ready to give up Valentine’s Day, Christmas holidays, and his birthday."

4. Contrary to popular belief, even some mistresses don't like being a mistress.

Sure they chose to be in their situations, but it doesn't mean that being mistress is like their lifelong dream.

To quote Iza's character Stella, "Wag na tayong maglokohan Ina, lahat naman tayo nangarap na maging asawa."

5. Mistresses can possibly redeem themselves and change their ways but a happy ending with your secret lover is not and may never guaranteed.

This is not to say that they cannot find nor deserve to be happy with a different and unattached lover. But, until they decide to leave their lovers, Rule #1 would be their only option: "Mistress is not Mrs. Know your place."