Coleen Garcia denies Billy Crawford is an ‘henpecked’ boyfriend

Coleen Garcia denies Billy Crawford is an ‘henpecked’ boyfriend-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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09/25/2015 09:59 AM
Coleen Garcia denies Billy Crawford is an ‘henpecked’ boyfriend
092515-coleenbilly_push.jpgReal life lovers Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford seem firmly set on the road to forever. In fact, Billy in recent interviews declared that he wants to marry Coleen.

However, Coleen, during her Ex With Benefits thanksgiving press conference, clarified that it's not happening anytime soon

“Gusto ko siya pakasalan siyempre, I wouldn’t be in a relationship with him unless I plan to be with that person forever,” she said.

The actress, who just turned 23, claimed that Billy understands where she is coming from since she still wants to accomplish a lot of things in her life.

"I feel so good right now, this year, this month, kasi I feel that I'm starting to finish everything that I started. In terms of acting kasi di ba naudlot kasi nag-Showtime ako and then I stopped going to school. But now I'm going back to school next month. So I actually want to finish all of this first," Coleen said.

In fact, their age gap of 10 years, which many used to point out when they admitted their relationship last year, for Coleen, has actually become an advantage.

“Kasi marami na rin siyang napatunayan, marami na rin siyang pinagdaanan and he’s going to give me the time for me to achieve what he already have achieved," she explained.

With Billy ever so vocal about how much he loves her and how much he wants to be with her for good, some couldn't help but speculate that the Your Face Sounds Familiar host is "more in love" with her.

This speculation was something that the Pasion de Amor star vehemently denied saying that "I think kasi love is expressed in different ways.

"Si Billy kasi sobrang-sobrang vocal masiyado. Favorite color: Coleen nga diba?" She said. "Iba 'yung pagka-vocal namin. Sobra nga eh. But I don't think he loves me more. I think may pagkapantay naman kami sa isa't-isa at tsaka 'yung affection na pinapakita namin sa isa't-isa, I think may pagka-pantay naman."

As proof of their harmonious relationship, Coleen shared that they rarely have a loud fight because as she jokes the Celebrity Playtime host is "tupi agad."

But is Billy an "under" boyfriend?

"Hindi naman. Mas patient siya kesa sa akin, 'yun totoo 'yun. Tsaka mas matanda kasi kaya mas patient talaga," clarified Coleen.