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Piolo Pascual on accepting dark roles: ‘It's really a different sense of fulfillment’

Piolo Pascual talks about why he loved working with ‘Silong’ leading lady Rhian Ramos.

Rhea Manila Santos

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09/23/2015 08:49 AM
Piolo Pascual on accepting dark roles: ‘It's really a different sense of fulfillment’
092315-PIOLO.jpgWith the commercial release of his new thriller flick Silong, Piolo Pascual admitted it was refreshing to work with a new leading lady (Rhian Ramos) as well as first time director Jeffrey Hidalgo. An independent project which was first screened at Cinemalaya earlier this year, Piolo said he believes in their project.

Napakaliit ng mundo and I've enjoyed working with Rhian. It's what's given you, it's what’s on your plate and this landed on our laps so why not di ba? We all worked hard for it. We waived our talent fees and all and we just did it. It's really a different sense of fulfillment when you're doing something for the craft and not for the money or fame or whatever,” he shared.

Despite being from different networks, Piolo said getting permission from their respective management was not a problem. “Nagpaalam naman kami pareho ng maayos so it's beyond us already. Puwede naman talaga eh. We all have liberties to a certain extent to do what we want to do. For me it’s not to bore myself as an actor because we know the monologues, we know what we have to do. I've been doing this half my life. So to do something like this, wow finally,” he admitted.

Unlike his usual leading man roles, Piolo plays one of the most darkest characters in his career in Silong. The Kapamilya actor said he never hesitated about accepting the role in a very different kind of movie. “Why not? We thrive on that challenge. We always want something that will not just play with our minds, but also challenge us to push it further,” he said.

The movie also features some of the most sexiest scenes he’s done onscreen. But Piolo said it was all handled very carefully. “We had to have those difficult scenes just to not compromise anything. Looking back I guess it all makes sense. It's a different take when you watch it the first time with all the scoring and all the effects,” he added.

Working with a younger production crew was not a problem according to Piolo. “It's nice to collaborate with the young ones because they're very open, they're very fresh and they have so many creative ideas and ang sarap kasi as much as you're free you also have to respect their vision so ang ganda ng collaboration, ang ganda ng effort because you realize na as long as parepareho kayo ng iniisip and intention para mapaganda ang isang bagay, lalabas ng maganda. That's why I enjoyed working with them,” he said.

Even when the public speculated about whether his pairing with Rhian was a good career move, Piolo said their really was no reason to worry. “Rhian is one of the easiest I've worked with ever. Wala kang maririnig na complaint, she's a trouper sobra. Sobrang bait sa set, walang pakialam sa cut-off (laughs). Kaya masarap kasi we were all just having fun and being open and just really enjoying the vibe of the set. Masarap katrabaho si Rhian kasi alam mo you’re on the same page. You want to give it your best. We talk about anything under the sun. We had so much time to talk, we shot for ten days,” he recalled.

Apart from being a talent, Piolo was proud to admit he is also one of the producers of the film because he believes in it so much. “We’re all stakeholders actually. We're all share holders so it's really a team effort,” he said.