Five funny revelations about Melai Cantiveros from 'Melai Mo May Concert'

Melai Cantoveros's comic nature runs in her family.

Five funny revelations about Melai Cantiveros from 'Melai Mo May Concert'-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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09/20/2015 09:11 AM
Five funny revelations about Melai Cantiveros from 'Melai Mo May Concert'

092015-melai.jpgMelai Cantiveros was very well aware that initial news of her first-ever solo concert Melai Mo May Concert at Teatrino Greenhills on September 19 raised a few eyebrows.

But while some doubted her capacity as a performer, the full house and roaring venue proved otherwise.

Instead of being disheartened by the said comments, Melai, together with her guests Nyoy Volante, Alora Sasam, Michael Pangilinan, and Marlo Mortel, gave everyone a night filled with hearty laughter, occasional skits, good music. and impeccable impersonations.

Many already knew how much of a natural comedienne she was, but instead of showcasing that in the concert, Melai opted to digress and to let her fans in on her "real" funny life before the fame.

Here are the five laughable and curious things we discovered about her during the concert:

1. Melai used to play the role of a robber while her brothers take on the role as policemen when they were a lot younger. Melai shared that while she had Barbie dolls, her mother placed them inside a cabinet for display purposes only.

2. While she was in a relationship with her first boyfriend back in college, Melai used to think that kissing, or saliva for that matter, would get a woman pregnant. Her first kiss happened while hanging out with her boyfriend after telling her parents that she had a school project to complete.

3. Melai is convinced that had she and husband Jason Francisco met outside of the Pinoy Big Brother house, they wouldn't have possibly noticed each other. Jason, who was naturally at the concert, confirmed this, saying that he initially found Melai funny.

4. One of the questions that PBB's Lauren Dyogi asked Melai during her auditions was: what business does she want to put up in her hometown General Santos City? Melai's answer was a vulcanizing shop, but originally she says she wanted to put up a sari-sari store.

5. Albeit jokingly, Melai said being inside the Big Yellow house is not really stressful at all because you get free utilities and lodging.