JM De Guzman challenges Enrique Gil to a MMA fight

Followers of the actor has asked JM to calm down.

EJ Salut


09/20/2015 12:34 AM
JM De Guzman challenges Enrique Gil to a MMA fight
091915-jmdeguzman_push.jpgLooks like JM De Guzman is not yet over the altercation that happened between Enrique Gil and Jessy Mendiola on their flight to London a couple of weeks ago. 

After some posts hinting at his breakup with the actress just days after Jesse’s return from UK,  JM posted this message around 12: 30 AM today but deleted it an few hours after. 

“With all due respect to Enrique Gil's friends, fans, and family. I would like to challenge you to a one on one amateur mixed martial arts match any place any time. I'll give you time to prepare. Man up. Face me. (reply to my text messages please.) thanks brother.:@enriquegil17.”


Enrique attended the Star Magic Ball on September 12 with Liza Soberano but Jessy and JM, who are also Star Magic talents, were noticeably absent. 

Fans who continue to defend the “Forevermore” star and bash Jessy got the ire of her mother, Didith Garvida, who threatened to sue Enrique if the bad mouthing of her daughter continues on social media.