Once upon a Twitterserye: Pastillas Girl’s journey to forever

Once upon a Twitterserye: Pastillas Girl’s journey to forever-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


09/19/2015 12:01 AM
Once upon a Twitterserye: Pastillas Girl’s journey to forever

Gone are the days when television is the only means to make someone famous. Last week, a short video clip made the rounds on the internet. The same video was uploaded on a viral Facebook Page, which made it garner more views, even reaching to more than 2 million.


The latest internet darling is 21-year-old Angelica Jane Yap, dubbed as "Pastillas Girl," from Quezon City. Born on April 16, 1994, the Mass Communication student from Far Eastern University currently works as an Account Support Associate at VXI Global, a BPO center.


In her viral video, she compared making pastillas de leche to experiencing heartbreak. "Kumuha ka ng condensed milk, powdered milk, at asukal. Tatlo lang. Oo, tatlo lang. Hindi lima, hindi anim, hindi pito. Tatlo lang. Hindi kasingdami ng babae mo," started the funny video with a couple of foul lines.

Angelica clarified in her Facebook account: "(this is just a request guys i'm not pertaining to anyone this is scripted we made this out of fun i just had to act it out so it would be realistic naman sorry na mass com student eh i need to be in character but thanks for sharing tho this is for those who have "hugots" and have fun!)."


After this sudden rise to fame, she appeared on It's Showtime's segment "adVice Ganda" on September 11, Friday and asked for advice about her ex-boyfriend who is now dating her best friend.

Close to tears, Angelica narrated how she tried to move on from the whole thing. As it turns out, the man behind the pastillas story may not be real but the hugot could possibly come from that deeply-rooted feeling.

"Yang mga oras na 'yan na tumatawa ka. Matapos kang magalit at umiyak tapos tumawa ka ulit, ang sarap ng feeling. At alam mo 'yang pagtawa mo ngayon, 'yan 'yung nakakapikon sa mga taong gumanyan-ganyan sa 'yo," Madam Bertud complimented Angelica on her courage to stand up after the painful heartbreak.


The following Monday, September 14, Angelica returned to It's Showtime and, this time, Vice Ganda began the search for Pastillas Boy.

The segment caused the noontime show to make a buzz on Twitter. Its hashtag, #ShowtimeUnliGV ranked first in both Philippine and Worldwide trends.

During the said episode, audience member Topher from Bulacan and Twitter user Jess Verano Senido (@OhhJessKo) from Bacolod took the challenge of making Angelica fall in love.

The next day, Topher reappeared on the noontime show. “May naramdaman na agad ako! Bigla akong humanga sa kanya,” he said.

Also, Jess, who came all the way from Bacolod, made it to the show right before it ended. “’Nung napanood ko po kasi si Pastillas Girl ‘nung Monday, nakita ko talaga ‘yung kagandahan niya at saka wala eh, nakita ko lang siya sa TV, na-in love talaga ako sa kanya,” he said. Jess also acknowledged that they still have to get to know each other more.

The day’s hashtag, #ShowtimePastillas was on Twitter’s top spot even hours after the show.

As the days went by, Pastillas girl continued getting to know her suitors, Topher and Jess. Netizens even dubbed the two as “Destiny VS Forever.”

Photo Source: It’s Showtime’s Twitter account

However, the search for Pastillas Boy intensified as Evan, a third admirer surfaced.


In order to help Pastillas Girl choose her Pastillas Boy, It’s Showtime decided to get to know the three suitors through their loved-ones.

As such, Topher’s relatives described him as a supportive and funny guy, who gives good advice. Meanwhile, Jess was described as loving, sweet and determined. Lastly, Evan’s relatives described him as understanding, kind and obedient.

Giving their best foot forward, the three suitors are determined to get the ‘yes’ of Pastillas Girl. In fact, in an exclusive interview with PUSH.com.ph, they revealed how they plan to pursue her.


In an exclusive interview with PUSH.com.ph, Pastillas Girl admitted that she did not expect her pastillas hugot video to become viral. She also confirmed having moved on from her previous relationship.

However, while Pastillas Girl continues to earn popularity and supporters, issues about her surfaced online as well.

Because of this, she got emotional in one It’s Showtime episode for being judged negatively. She said, “Sana dun lang sa mga tao na kaya akong i-judge alam naman natin lahat ‘yun ‘di ba hindi po ako artista bago po ito lahat sa akin. Sana kilalanin niyo muna ako bago niyo ‘ko i-judge, lahat ng tanong niyo kaya kong sagutin binuksan ko po ‘yung buhay ko para po dito.”

Moreover, Pastillas Girl said, “Nasaktan na po ako e, hindi niyo po alam ‘yung pinagdaanan ko kahit hindi ‘yung mismong breakup e hindi po ako perpektong tao nagkakamali rin po ako kaya sana kung mag ja-judge po tayo ng isang tao tignan po muna natin ‘yung sarili natin kasi ang sakit e, tao lang din po ako.”


September 18, on the 5th day of Angelica’s search for Mr. Pastillas on It’s Showtime, Topher, Jess and Evan were given a chance to have a date with Pastillas Girl in the dressing rooms backstage. She will then choose who among the three she wants to get to know further.

In the end, she decided to go on a date with Topher.

Is Topher the one for Pastillas Girl?

Stay tuned to It’s Showtime as the Pastillas Twitterserye continues to unfold, weekdays at 12:30 PM and on Saturdays at 11:30 AM on ABS-CBN.