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Will director Antoinette Jadaone include a kissing scene in the upcoming KrisTek movie?

Director Anoinette Jadaone is certain that KrisTek’s past relationship will help them in their upcoming film.


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9/17/2015 8:47 AM
Will director Antoinette Jadaone include a kissing scene in the upcoming KrisTek movie?

091715-JADAONE_main.jpgDirector Antoinette Jadaone has no doubt that Kris Aquino and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista’s real life past would be of great help for their upcoming Metro Manila Film Festival entry to be directed by her.

The film with the working title Mr. and Mrs. Split appears to be a play on the Hollywood movie starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie titled Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
The film would center on the lives of two best friends who had a promising future.

Parang dati destined to be great sila. So parang ang pinaka-ano doon, what happens kung ngayon 20-25 years later, you’re not the person that everyone thought you would be. So parang nag-reunion sila and lahat ng mga tao successful, sila lang ang hindi. So kailangan nilang mapapaniwala ‘yung mga tao tsaka ‘yung mga sarili nila na successful sila. Eh hindi naman,” she revealed in a recent interview.

She described Mayor Herbert’s character as someone into networking while Kris’s role is someone who enjoys the dating app Tinder.

While the movie would have a bit of romance, Direk Tonet, as she’s fondly called by many, stressed that the film is about family and friendship.

Hindi talaga siya romance na strictly rom-com eh. May family siya. Kumbaga ang romance akma sa edad nila. Hindi ito ‘yung pabebe romance na pa-high school. Inakma ko naman sa edad nila. Kasi syempre gusto ko realistic pa rin,” she explained.

Direk Tonet made sure that whatever “kilig” that the tandem KrisTek would bring would be something that “Hindi siya nakaka-asiwa panoorin na pinilit lang talaga ‘yung romance. ‘Yun kasi ang gusto kong i-explore eh. Paano ‘yung love sa age na ganon? Sa age ng annulment? Sa age ng adult parenthood?”

Will there be a kissing scene between the two former lovers?

Hindi ko pa tapos ‘yung script. Malalaman natin. Tingan natin. So far, sa paglatag niya, wala naman,” she said. 

In the end, Direk Tonet maintained that the past experience of the Queen of All Media and the actor-turned-politician together would be of great use for all of them on the film.

Wala naman akong duda na hindi naman magwowork yung love nila. In real life, may banter sila, e. Hindi sila plastic. May sasabihin si Kris, may sasabihin si Mayor, may batuhan na sila,” she said.

The similar thing can somehow be expected on the film since, “[They have a] love-hate relationship. [Kasi] dati, mag best friends sila."