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Kris Aquino shares why she’s pro-divorce: ‘Nagloko yung asawa ko’

Kris Aquino shares how she went through three failed relationships.

Kris Aquino shares why she’s pro-divorce: ‘Nagloko yung asawa ko’-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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09/18/2015 06:06 AM
Kris Aquino shares why she’s pro-divorce: ‘Nagloko yung asawa ko’
091715-KRISAQUINO_main.jpgAs part of Star Cinema’s newest drama Etiquette for Mistresses, Kris Aquino revealed how she was convinced to play a mistress on the big screen for the very first time. “Si Tita Malou Santos was the reason. We were meeting about a different project and she said, ‘Magsisisi ka kung hindi mo tanggapin. Basahin mo lang.’ Binasa ko young two page synopsis na ginawa ni Kris Gasmen. Tinawagan ko si direk Chito Rono, sinabi ko, ‘Direk, magpakatotoo tayo na madami akong endorsements na puwedeng masagasaan dito. Puwede mo ba ako ma-assure, humihingi lang ako ng redemption kasi tanggap ko na from the start di ba yung character na ipo-portray ko hindi family values ang pino-promote.’ Pero sinabi ko bigyan mo naman ako ng pagkakataon na maging matuwid ang daan ko,” she shared during the Etiquette for Mistresses grand presscon held last September 16 inside ABS-CBN.

The 44-year-old actress admitted she enjoyed playing mentor to younger actress Kim Chiu who plays a newly kept woman still figuring out how to be a proper mistress in the film. “It came at the right time because it came at an age where I do like roles. I like following, I like obeying, I like having a pattern. Sinasabi ko yung totoo na sanay ako na ito yung mga obligasyon ko and yung character ko kasi had to nurture the character of Kim. Si Georgia (her character) became the mentor of Yna (Kim’s character) and that is second nature to me kasi parati kong sinasabi na hindi man ako nabibiyayaan ng anak na babae or little sister all in one si Kim yun. Kaya hindi naging mahirap yun for me. Kasi her partner here is married to a senator played by Aiko Melendez, who is running for the presidency and obviously my partner is one of their political backers. So she is a national scandal just waiting to happen. So yung mentoring is to teach her kasi nakikinig naman yan kasi galit na galit siya kung bakit siya kinukulong,” she explained.

091715-KRISAQUINO_main.jpgWith the movie’s main theme dealing with men’s infidelity, Kris was asked to give her views on mistresses in general. The Kapamilya host candidly admitted she never claimed to be perfect. “It’s no secret I was in a relationship with two men who were not annulled. So deadma. That’s reality. Wala naman akong tinatago dahil alam naman ni Bimby. The only person I’m answerable to is eight years old and alam niya kasi sabi ko mababasa niya sa internet, mapapanuod niya sa YouTube so sinabi ko na hindi madali. And you are really judged. I heard that word so often. That kabit. Because hindi pa plantsado at hindi maayos,” she said.

Apart from that, Kris also refered to infidelity, which was presumably meant to be about her ex-husband James Yap. “Dumaan rin naman ako sa marriage na nagloko yung asawa ko. So I looked at love from both sides now. So sa totoo lang pipiliin ko yung madali, yung wala kang kaagaw, wala kang kailangan ka-share. Kasi tama yung sinabi ni Iza Calzado, who really wants to share a man? And sometimes also you realize na you had to go through those lessons to know what really matters to you. And you had to make mistakes for you to know what is right and what is wrong and the consequences because I paid those consequences three times,” she shared.

And because of her experiences, Kris said she has very passionate views about legalizing divorce in the country. “Yes I am [in favor of divorce]. I’m sorry, I’m a devout Catholic but I disagree with the point of view of the church na no to divorce because I’ve been through an annulment. I know how painful it is. Mas gusto ko talaga yung irreconcilable differences. Kasi sa akin, kung ikasal ka dapat forever. Kasi may forever. Forever yung mom and dad ko, forever yung tatlo kong kapatid na babae. Pero mahirap talaga. Mahal, mahirap, masakit at kailangan mong balikan lahat ng issue na nagpasakit at nakasira sa inyong dalawa. And in the end, the truth is the children pay for it. Because all the dirty laundry is there in the court papers,” she added.

Growing up in a complete family, Kris said she can never be jaded when it comes to love. “It’s not about being happy kasi nakita ko naman when I witnessed my mom and dad went through hell, but they stuck it out with each other. I think it’s about respect, commitment, and about love. Ultimately kung mahal mo yung tao kahit naghihirap kayo, kahit may mga pagsubok na dadaanan kayo, I think marriage is a day-to-day choice. And pinaka-importante dun is the desire na paligayahin yung partner mo. Paano mo ba mapapaligaya ang partner mo? Be a good provider, be a good nurturer, be there, be supportive and have fidelity. Sabi ko nga ang galing mag-maintain ng best friend kasi inuunawa mo yung best friend mo. So baka kailangan din, for the marriage to work, like what I see in my siblings, their husbands are their best friends. Sandigan nila, lakas nila at 100% ang tiwala nila. So ako I still really believe in the institution of marriage,” she admitted.

Watch Kris Aquino along with Claudine Barretto, Kim Chiu, Iza Calzado, and Cheena Crab in Etiquette for Mistresses under Star Cinema starting September 29 in Manila. It will also be the very first Filipino film that will simultaneously premiere in key cities of the Middle East, North America, and Europe.