EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Carlos on her bashers: ‘Hindi naman ako palagi manhid’

Sarah Carlos gives a message for her bashers.

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Carlos on her bashers: ‘Hindi naman ako palagi manhid’-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


09/17/2015 05:06 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Carlos on her bashers: ‘Hindi naman ako palagi manhid’
091615-sarah_main.jpgAfter starring in the Primetime series Pangako Sa’yo as Bea Bianca, Sarah Carlos immediately rose to popularity, playing the ka-love triangle of the KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla) tandem.

With her instant fame and success, the young star said that she always makes sure that she reminds herself of her father’s advice. “I just keep my feet on the ground. I don’t really consider myself famous or whatever. I just consider myself blessed enough to have a job, a job that I love if I might add and talagang I just follow my dad’s advice and stay humble and don’t let it get into my head talaga,” she stated in an interview with Push.com.ph

Sarah said that she feels honored to be working with such big and great actors in Pangako Sa’yo.  She shared that the story will have some interesting progress in the days to come. “It’s very interesting how things are unfolding right now in Pangako Sa’yo kasi may mga mangyayari as in feel ko bumibilis na ‘yung story eh and feel ko may mga mangyayari na hindi mo aakalaing mangyayari kaya na-excite din talaga ako. Working with Kathniel, with Angelica Panganiban, Kuya Ian (Veneracion) ate Jodi (Sta. Maria), I feel very, very honored to be working with such celebrities,” she stated.

Aside from the fame, Sarah has picked up bashers, especially that she is playing as the antagonist in the love story of Yna (Kathryn) and Angelo (Daniel). Sarah stressed that she gets affected by it despite trying not to mind the harsh words thrown at her most of the time. “As with the bashers and the haters, it’s not always okay. Hindi naman ako palagi manhid, as in tao din ako, nakakaramdam din ako. But I understand why they’re like that. I’m totally okay with my role right now like as much as possible I try not to get affected by them but of course I’m only human, I have my weak points but I tell myself I just understand them.”

The young star said that she tries to focus more on her supporters rather than her bashers. The young star is thankful for her supporters saying, “I really, really love my supporters because this time around it’s not just my friends and my family who support me. There are actually people who understand where I am coming from so [I’m] grateful that they are the way they are, that they are so kind, intelligent beautiful young women and men who understand what I’m going through so I’m very, very, thankful for them na sometimes nakakaiyak how they defend me and support me.”