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Derek Ramsay admits he still dreams of becoming an Olympian

The "Ex With Benefits" star shares why he can never let go of his passion for playing sports.

Derek Ramsay admits he still dreams of becoming an Olympian-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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09/14/2015 11:50 AM
Derek Ramsay admits he still dreams of becoming an Olympian
091415-derek.jpgAs busy as he is promoting his movie Ex With Benefits under Star Cinema and Viva films, Derek Ramsay said he still tries to keep himself fit doing various activities. 
Even with all his showbiz commitments, Derek admitted he has always put importance into sports even when he was still studying. 

“I really like to live an active lifestyle. For anyone who knows me they know that I compete in different sports and I used to believe it's all about working out. But if you don't focus on what your putting into your body, it's sometimes goes the other way. I've been working very hard doing the things I do and living a healthy lifestyle has been normal for me. It's something that I love to do and its something that I strongly believe in,” he shared.

One look at Derek's physique and you can tell it's the product of years of playing various sports. 
“I think everyone knows me to be an Ultimate frisbee player and I play for the national team but my first love is actually football or soccer. I play golf, I used to play water polo for my college in the UK, rugby, so basically all sports I really enjoy. But right now it's really ultimate frisbee that I devote most of my time to and it's a full body workout, your out there, seven guys on a team running for ninety minutes so it's definitely a sport that involves a lot of cardio,” he said.
Although he is happy that Ultimate is now slowly being recognized by the Olympics accreditation committee, Derek admitted that retiring from it has also crossed his mind.

“I've given so much to the sport, there have been ups and downs. Some victories and some defeats. But there's other stuff in frisbee, the injuries, I guess the pains and in any sport, even like with Manny Pacquiao if you've been doing it for so many years, di ba it's harder to stay on top? Kasi may hinahabol ka eh. I just feel that maybe it's time to move on to different things and then now that the sport has now been approved by the Olympic committee to be an official sport in the Olympics. Why now but somebody has to sacrifice for the better of the sport and so many of us have been playing the sport for so many years, not just in the Philippines but abroad. Those are the people who have sacrificed to get the game where it is now so that for the future our wonderful sport can be seen by everybody around the world,” he explained. 
Derek is competing in a tournament in Taiwan this month.

If he had to give advice to other people who want to be as fit as him, the Ex With Benefits star remarked knowing your body is a good start. 

“You really have to assess where you are in your health. I just stuck to my routine, doing my push-ups every morning and exercise nonstop, that's it. That's all I do. I don't lift weights. I tried the 70-30 formula and I felt stronger and my abs have never come out as much as before. I'm no longer 18 years old but I'm very proud to say that I've never been in as good shape as right now.” 

He added that finding the right sport and workout routine is also important is staying motivated and focused. 
“I think you need to find something that you love to do. And check your schedule in life like how much time do you have to dedicate to exercising? For me the best thing in the morning before breakfast, 15 minutes at your own pace pero walang tigil and then follow it with your breakfast. When I wake up it's the first thing that I do. Its three exercises which works over three hundred muscles groups. 

It's squats for my lower body then judo push-ups and then running sit-ups. I do ten reps for each exercise paulit ulit for 15 minutes yun walang pahinga. So the food you consumed for dinner is already turned into energy so the next morning puwede ko na gamitin,” he also divulged.