Who gave this ring to Kris Aquino?

Who gave this ring to Kris Aquino?-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


09/12/2015 05:44 PM
Who gave this ring to Kris Aquino?

The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino posted a picture of a ring she received from her sisters on her Instagram account. She explained that it was advised by a friend that someone who loves her should give Kris a diamond as a gift to protect her health.

It's on my right hand to avoid any misconceptions. ?? A well meaning dear friend of our family advised that someone who loved me needed to give me a "diamanté" for my protection & good health. I couldn't buy it for myself because it needed to be a gift. I mentioned this to my Ate a couple of days ago. Tonight I got home from shooting, and this ring was waiting for me from Ate & Pinky. ?????????? My sisters spent the better part of this afternoon to surprise me & since they're not mahilig sa jewelry, they asked a friend to help them choose & buy me my ring. We've read stories of recent celebrity couples' engagements & we all are inspired by the commitment & love those couples shared w/ us. I'm sharing w/ all of you before I sleep, another kind of love- but equally heartwarming, the overflowing love, concern, caring & thoughtfulness my siblings shower on me, their bunso. I know how much they've worried about my health & how much they pray for me. To borrow PNoy's hashtag, I am #Blessed. #Family #Loved #ForeverTheirBabySister ??

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