Kakai Baustista calls Ahron Villena ‘love’

Kakai Baustista says she’s a crammer.

Kakai Baustista calls Ahron Villena ‘love’-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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09/11/2015 09:02 AM
Kakai Baustista calls Ahron Villena ‘love’
091115-cacai_main.jpgOn Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Dental Diva Kakai Baustista said she’s very grateful for her current projects, like Your Face Sounds Familiar, because “marami akong pambili ng hamon sa pasko.”

She said her theater background could be an advantage to YFSF because “makapal ang mukha”, but then again she admitted she can act more when there is no camera. “Takot ako sa cam,” Kakai added.

Asked who she thinks will be her biggest competitor in YFSF, she said it’s Eric Nicolas because they’re both comedians.

Kakai also has no strategy to use when she’s impersonating an artist. What’s more, she revealed that she’s actually a crammer. Her goal, however, would be just to enjoy her performances and entertain people.

Asked if Ahron Villena and she are already an item, Kakai said, “Hindi pa po. masaya lang po kami.” She also doesn’t know if he’s courting her.

Ahron, she revealed, calls her “Mom” while she calls him “love.”