Anne Curtis withholds comments on 'JasPoe' pairing

Anne has yet to meet Brian

Anne Curtis withholds comments on 'JasPoe' pairing-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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09/11/2015 09:08 AM
Anne Curtis withholds comments on 'JasPoe' pairing
091115-AnneCurtis_main.jpgA new "love team" of sorts emerged lately and it involves Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Brian Poe-Llamanzares. Some came to call them JasPoe in reference to Brian's outright admission of his admiration for the actress.
In one of his recent interviews, Brian was even quoted as saying that he hopes to get permission from Jasmine's older sister Anne Curtis to get to know her more.
The It's Showtime host meanwhile opted to keep mum about Brian in a recent interview at the Smart-Uber launch. 
“I actually can't comment about it because I've never met the guy,” she said. 
It seems that the Fil-Australian sisters have yet to discuss about the matter as Anne appeared to be "clueless" about Brian's moves towards her sister.
 “I really don't know. I'm actually shocked about this news. I've only been seeing it on the news," said Anne.
For what it's worth, Anne stressed that she trusts her sister's decision especially now that she's single.
“Well, she's old enough na to make her own decisions. But her ate will always be here for her," Anne said.
But what advice does she have for Jasmine when it comes to getting pursued by men?
"Wala naman. I just tell her to take her time and enjoy her work," she ended.