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Jackie Forster on why sons Andre and Kobe refuse to see her: ‘They think I abandoned them’

Jackie Forster’s idea of happiness is “selfie with five children.”

Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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08/07/2015 07:45 AM
Jackie Forster on why sons Andre and Kobe refuse to see her: ‘They think I abandoned them’
080715-jackieforster_main.jpgOn Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Jackie Forster aired her frustration over her failed efforts to talk to her children with ex-husband Benjie Paras, Kobe and Andre. “It is tiring,” Jackie admitted. She said Kobe and Andre asked her to give them space some two years ago but up to now she still hasn’t talked to them personally. 

Jackie explained why she thinks her sons are being “brainwashed” and said her sons’ idea about her “has to come from somewhere.” “They think I just turned my back and abandoned them because I wanted to go with another man.” 

Jackie denied this and said she has proof that she tried her best to be with Andre and Kobe. “I have legal documents, friends that have helped me to try see them, social workers, lawyers…” 

Despite everything that’s happened, Jackie expressed her wish for things to get better. “Why can’t we be all friends? Let’s take the mature route.”  She also said that if it is the boys’ decision not to talk to her, “Bakit hindi i-push to do the more positive thing?”

Jackie believes that every one of them is in a better place and “it’s easy to forgive.” “Kung ano man ang nangyari sa amin noon ng Papa nila, it’s all in the past, tapos na yun…” 

Jackie continued, “Wala na e, pinagdusahan ko na ang mga bintang nila sa akin. Now is the time for them to get to know me.” Jackie added, “I’m here if they want to get to know me.” 

Jackie is also grateful to her husband who supports her in her efforts to be closer to her sons Andre and Kobe. “He gives me every opportunity to come back home just for that “maybe,” maybe I could see them.” Jackie’s husband “hopes everything will be fine soon” even though “he doesn’t get all of this.” 

Jackie revealed that her husband couldn’t understand why Jackie, a mother, is being kept away from her children. “He doesn’t understand how people can be this cruel.”

Jackie said she has already asked for forgiveness. “At this point, I’ve asked for forgiveness for whatever it is. If there’s something else that's bothering them I’m willing to talk about it but it seems the doors are close.” 

Jackie revealed she believes it’s time to let it go of her mission to talk to her two sons. However, “I will never stop loving them,” she said.  In the portion of the show called Fast Talk, Jackie said the most hurtful thing she was accused of is being a bad mother. And that happiness for her is a “selfie with five children.”