Richard Gomez praises female leads of ‘The Love Affair’

Richard Gomez reveals his favorite scenes in ‘The Love Affair.’


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8/4/2015 10:36 AM
Richard Gomez praises female leads of ‘The Love Affair’

080415-richardgomez_main.jpgOn Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Richard Gomez said his most unforgettable award was his first, given by Gawad Urian. Richard reminisced that prior to that, he was nominated eight times and didn't get a single award, which made his first ever award more special. Richard said he couldn't help but cry when he received the award.

Richard said being nominated “always feels good but mas masarap kung nananalo ka.” Nonetheless, Richard said getting an award shouldn't be an actor’s motivation; rather he should give his best when he acts and then “bahala na sila.”

In his latest Star Cinema movie, The Love Affair, Richard picked out two of his favorite scenes in the movie. One is the scene of Dawn’s character after she and her husband (played by Richard) meet up with a marriage counselor. The other scene is when Bea’s character is defending her relationship with a married man to her friends.

Richard called Dawn an actress. He recalled how, during taping, Dawn was able to cry in a scene after having a laughter-filled conversation with him off camera. Richard said Dawn asked the director for a minute to gather her emotions and then she was able to cry the scene.

Richard also said of Bea, “Bea is fantastic for a very young actress.”