KC Concepcion back in the dating scene again

The actress says she’s dating a foreigner.

KC Concepcion back in the dating scene again-Joan Leary
Joan Leary


08/03/2015 05:12 PM
KC Concepcion back in the dating scene again
080315-kcconcep_main.jpgIn today’s episode of Kris TV, guest KC Concepcion revealed that she is currently dating a European guy who lives in the Middle East.

“Yes, I’m dating. Quietly lang. European. Ayaw kong maudlot. He’s European. He lives in the Middle East, pero [back and forth siya],” she said.

KC didn’t want to disclose specific details about her love life because she told Kris one lesson she learned was not to talk about it. Kris agreed and said “I totally agree. Because ‘di ba that relationship should be just between the two of you.”

“People will see and feel what you have, the love. They will see it so there’s no need to talk about it,” KC added.

KC later on shared that she doesn’t want to rush in another relationship and would rather get to know who she’s dating better. “It’s yung pagkatao talaga, ‘yung pagkatao niya kaya I don’t want na a, porket may dine-date kami na kaagad. You’ll never know, you have to really give it time. Sabi nila like 8 months to one year tsaka mo palang makikita yung totoong kulay nung tao.”

Kris asked if it there are still labels, KC answered, “Ako I believe in labels.” Kris then asked what her label is then she answered “Dating. Newly dating.”