Meg Imperial reveals going through depression

Meg Imperial says ‘closure’ is important

Meg Imperial reveals going through depression-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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08/28/2015 11:20 AM
Meg Imperial reveals going through depression
082815-megimperial_PUSH.jpgOn Aquino and Abunda Tonight, Meg Imperial shared that she gained weight when she was doing the Kapamilya serye Moon of Desire. Meg, at that time, was going through depression because of work and family issues. Meg revealed she also lost job “opportunities” because of it.

Meg is now back to her svelte figure and she’s learned her lessons from that experience.

Meg plays “kontrabida” to Coleen Garcia and Derek Ramsay’s characters in Ex with Benefits. She plays the character of Scarlet, who is the sole medical representative in a family of doctors. Scarlet seeks the love, attention, and approval of her family.

Meg said she thinks it is important that there is “closure” before moving on to the next relationship. “I make sure na laging may closure. Kasi dadalhin mo yan sa next relationship mo (kung wala.)’”

Meg said she’s currently single.