Shamaine Buencamino remembers her daughter Julia

The actress also gives a special message to her husband Nonie.



8/25/2015 3:41 AM
Shamaine Buencamino remembers her daughter Julia

082415-shemaine_main.jpgActress Shamaine Buencamino got nostalgic and posted photos of her together with her daughter Julia, who tragically passed away last May. Julia was also an actress and her last project was with the now defunct show “Oh My G!” Shamaine in the photo's caption that she missed making funny faces with her daughter.

In another photo, the theater veteran said she already lifted up everything to God when she finally accepted that Julia’s gone. “The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away. Blessed be His name. Rest in peace my dear child. We will never stop praying,” she posted.

Meanwhile in her latest uploaded photo, she was thankful for her husband, actor Nonie Buencamino, who has been a hands-on dad to their children since they were born.

"He was the parent they'd ask permission from because he didn't ask a lot of questions and was always ready to drive for them if he was home. I could go on and on. I love you and yes, we will get through this together!" she said in her Instagram post.