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Derek Ramsay denies living in with non-showbiz gf

The Ex With Benefits star admits he and his current girlfriend are both single parents.

Derek Ramsay denies living in with non-showbiz gf-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/25/2015 03:40 AM
Derek Ramsay denies living in with non-showbiz gf
082415-derek_main.jpgWith his return to Star Cinema via the upcoming sexy romance Ex With Benefits, Derek Ramsay said he is happy to rekindle his relationship with the Kapamilya network even if on the big screen. 

“It was like let's just let things be. I spoke to sir Enrico Santos and he said, 'Let's keep our fingers crossed that this leads to better things.” We shot Pangil this year and we're finishing Ex With Benefits. It looks like it's going in that direction di ba? Dalawang pelikula and then let's see. Just this whole thing is mind-blowing to me kasi I used to come here all the time di ba? Hindi pa ako nakapunta sa presscon na ganito kalaki yung reception. Sabi ko nga I feel like I'm at home here. I feel like I belong here and I really want to do more projects with Star Cinema. Gaya ng everything I do in my life whether it's frisbee, pag hindi ako ninenerbiyos, ibig sabihin nun parang wala lang,” he shared during the Ex With Benefits grand presscon held last August 22 inside ABS-CBN.

Even with his existing contracts with other networks, Derek says he will be more visible in ABS-CBN while promoting the movie. 

“TV5 is allowing me to promote on TV shows so you'll be seeing me in some of the shows. Basically we'll keep it strictly for the movie. Respeto ko sa TV5. I just renewed with them so I have another three years. Yung kagandahan sa TV 5 they know that I came from here. I'm also under contract with Viva but we haven't started any films yet pero they contacted me to maybe do a movie maybe, not sure eh, maybe with Anne Curtis again. Sana matuloy kasi I'd love to work with Anne again. And then I have a contract with Regal films I'm doing a movie with Solenn (Heussaff) my ex,” he explained.

Offcam, Derek admitted he is still trying to build a relationship with his 12-year-old son Austin who lives in Dubai. The 38-year-old actor went there earlier this year to compete in an international ultimate frisbee competition and revealed they were not able to schedule a visit. “For now yes, I haven't seen him since Christmas. He's in school and there are other factors na ayokong pag-usapan. It is much better than what it used to be but I still have a long way to have that relationship that I have with my father. But I won't stop trying. Yung responsibility ko dati pa yan. They live in Dubai so that's the hard thing there. Pumunta ako pero hindi ko nakita. In God's time it will happen,” he said.
When asked if his son was being kept from him by the mother, Derek immediately dismissed the thought, “Ayokong isipin yun. Ayoko nang mag-isip ng negative basta keep trying di ba? That's all I can do. I think my son has been through enough emotional stress. I don't want to add to it.”

His current relationship with non-showbiz girlfriend Joanne Villablanca is going smoothly according to the Ex With Benefits star. 

“She's good, very supportive. She has no problem. Bago maging kami, she knew that this is what I do and bago naging kami there were things in her life that other men might not accept. She has a child. For me that's a plus, I like that. No we don't live together. She has her daughter. The daughter spends time with the father and spends time with her but whenever we can have time together we see each other kahit na very minimal lang yung time namin. I'm very happy. Hindi siya athlete. She's a commercial model,” he divulged. 

Derek said he has also started building a relationship with Joanne's eight-year-old daughter Sophie. “She calls me Tito Derek. We were out the other day, we watched Inside Out together. She's beautiful. The funny thing is she looks exactly like Angelica Panganiban when she was a kid,” he added.

With his promo tour on ABS-CBN, many wonder if it will lead to seeing his ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban again. 

“I haven't seen Angel. I think may plano kaming mag-promo sa Bottomline, GGV, A&A, and Showtime. It just all depends on schedule dahil madami rin akong ginagawa sa TV5. I have no problem, I don't know because I can't speak on her behalf. I haven't bumped into her in a long time. Pinalaki ako na magbigay respeto so if I see her of course I'm going to say hi. If she doesn't accept it I'm not going to take any insult from it. That's her take on things. Sana one day we can talk comfortably, letting bygones be bygones,” he remarked.

Ex With Benefits is showing in cinemas nationwide starting on September 2 under Star Cinema and is directed by Gino Santos.