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  • Paolo Bediones thanks TV networks over ‘handling’ of his leaked sex tape

Paolo Bediones thanks TV networks over ‘handling’ of his leaked sex tape

Paolo Bediones thanks TV networks over ‘handling’ of his leaked sex tape

Paolo Bediones thanks TV networks over ‘handling’ of his leaked sex tape-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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08/23/2015 08:57 AM
Paolo Bediones thanks TV networks over ‘handling’ of his leaked sex tape
082615-paolo_main.jpgA year since his private video was released online, news anchor Paolo Bediones has finally owned up and apologized for it.

In a podcast interview on Good Times with Mo, Paolo revealed that the video was actually “taken” from his laptop when he had it fixed at a certain computer shop back in 2010. But, instead of going to the authorities to catch the culprit, especially after receiving an extortion letter demanding P3million in exchange for the video to remain a secret, Paolo opted to keep mum about its existence.

“Basically, for the next four and a half years, that’s how I lived my life. I would pray at night, I hope it doesn’t come out. I’d wake up in the morning, I hope this is not the day. And I guess they got sick and tired of waiting,” he said pertaining to those who have a copy of his scandal.

From the year when his sex tape was copied from his laptop to last year, Paolo admitted that he was nervous every time news of leaked scandals were reported by the top networks.

“In all honesty, I practically crap in my pants every time I see something that remotely can be an indicator that it’s mine,” he said. 

“You know, I would like to thank, honestly—and this is walang plastikan—I’d like to thank ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV5. Because they actually had it [copy of the video] already in their possession all this time… probably [since] 2010,” Paolo further explained.

How did he know that the networks had a copy of it for a while now?

“They called me and they said, ‘Pao, you know, we have…’ Or even when they first got it, they said, ‘Pao, we have something here, but don’t worry, we won’t release it.’ And at that time, I was doing Extra Challenge on GMA, it was the biggest show. And ABS could have used it, but they didn’t,” he recalled.

The host-turned-news-anchor even got “assurances” from his endorsements.
“They assured me that, ‘You know, Pao, if any of the networks put it out and do it, we’re going to pull out from them,’” he said.

While he couldn’t really be certain what led the networks to decide not to ruin his career and reputation when they had the chance, Paolo had nothing but gratefulness in his heart over that aspect.

“There were a couple of reporters who are trying to make a story out of it. I guess it was the goodwill that I was able to spread throughout the years that I was in show business,” he said.

In the end, Paolo took the chance to apologize to those who were disappointed by the leak of his scandal. 
“No matter what comfort people offer to you, it doesn’t help, because unless they are actually immersed in that exact same situation, they wouldn’t know…” he began.

He then continued, “I’ll take this opportunity to say sorry to my family, obviously for the shame that I brought to them for that period of time. They’ve always been there for me no matter what—in good time, in bad…

“Even the viewers, the fans, the admirers, the people who’ve been supportive all these years, I’d like to say, from the bottom of my heart, if I disappointed anyone, I’m really sorry,” he said.

Paolo maintained though that what he did “was not a crime.”

“I know that what I did was not a crime but, you know, these things just happen. They happen to the best guys, they happen to the worst guys. Bottom line is, do you know how to deal with it? Do you know how to take this, is there any way to turn this into positive?” he said.

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