Will Lee O’ Brien and Pokwang tie the knot soon?

Lee O’ Brien gives an update on Pokwang after the miscarriage and reveals their priorities.


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8/20/2015 10:15 AM
Will Lee O’ Brien and Pokwang tie the knot soon?

082015-leeobrian_push.jpgAmerican actor Lee O’ Brien got to talk to some members of the press regarding the miscarriage of his girlfriend, Nathaniel star Pokwang during the media preview of TV5’s Kano Luvs Pinay last Wednesday, August 19.

When asked how Pokwang was doing, Lee said, “She’s doing great. She’s back working, working hard between Nathaniel and her movie. She’s always on set, so yeah, she’s doing (really well).”

Although the miscarriage was tough to accept, they are slowly moving on. “When it happened, it was absolutely tough for all of us involved, for both her and I. But we’ve gone through the mourning stage and we’re onto the moving on stage,” Lee said.

Do they plan to get married? “Marriage is a possibility so it’s not off the table, but it’s not such an urgent priority. It’s much more having a baby, I think, is a much more urgent priority. So yeah, I think baby’s priority now and marriage, if it happens, cool but neither of us is really totally pressured to do that… We just want to be together,” he replied.