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Netizens gush over 'One More Chance' sequel teaser

Some netizens promise that they will see the sequel once it comes out

Maureen Marie Belmonte

Twitter: @MissHappyWriter


08/18/2015 07:40 AM
Netizens gush over 'One More Chance' sequel teaser
081715-onemorechance_main.jpgAlmost eight years since Star Cinema's romance flick One More Chance ruled the box office it seems that Popoy and Basha are set to return again. 

The movie which stars John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo as Popoy and Basha, respectively had left fans with so many "feels."

This is probably the reason why many got excited as Star Cinema released a teaser for what seemed to be a continuation of their romance.

As the movie title suggests, Popoy and Basha got another chance at love after parting ways.

The sequel teaser released online just a few days ago features them in what appeared to be in a modern setting.

However, instead of being happily together, the teaser showed a bickering couple who seemed anything but happy. In fact, Popoy even blurted that he wasn't even sure if their reconciliation was a wise decision.

Most of the fans expressed excitement that a sequel is possibly happening to what was dubbed as "The best Bea-John Lloyd film."






Others aired the emotions they felt while watching the teaser.



Naturally there are those who expressed apprehension for the sequel.




As of this writing though, there's still no word yet from Star Cinema as to when this supposed sequel is going to be released.

Watch the teaser on ABS-CBN.com "One More Chance Sequel"