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Jed Madela calls Darren Espanto “amazing”

The singer admits he wants to be a good role model to young aspiring singers in the industry.

Jed Madela calls Darren Espanto “amazing”-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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08/17/2015 09:30 AM
Jed Madela calls Darren Espanto “amazing”
081715-jed_main.jpgAs a self-confessed “Darrenatic” or Darren Espanto fan, Jed Madela admitted he will always be an avid supporter of the former The Voice Kids finalist.

Di ba nakikipag-away pa ako sa Twitter dati para lang sa kanya hanggang sa binabash na ako? (laughs) So bahala na kayo basta ako Darrenatic ako,” he said.

Jed couldn't help but say that he is impressed with the younger generation of singers joining the industry lately especially with Darren.

“That kid is just amazing. He is a total performer, he is the total package. He can sing, he can dance and he's funny behind the camera nakakasama ko yan si Darren at saka si JK Labajo ang kukulit ng mga yan. And I know that he's in that transition now of his voice changing also. I hope it grows into a more solid voice, a more textured voice kasi ang ganda ng boses ng batang ito. Aside form his voice, yung quality ng voice niya, ang galing ng musicality niya as in bilib nga ako kasi there are things that he can do na talagang nakaka-amaze talaga,” he shared.

Meanwhile, former child singer Rhap Salazar has been very vocal about his admiration for Jed's singing and even does shows with the Iconic singer and his band 5th Gen.

“I'm very flattered na ginagawa nila akong basehan kumbaga batayan when it comes to singing and boses. Rhap is a very god singer. I've known him since he was small. Mataas ang boses niyan pero yun na nga umiba na ang boses niya. But now I think it's more textured, mas maganda na boses niya compared to when he was younger. And I really admire him now for his voice and his musicality. Ngayon, palagi ko nakakasama ang 5th Gen, barkada ko yan, best friends ko yan. Every day magkakasama kami so nakikita ko how they sing,” he said.

Among some of the people who complimented his singing is The Voice coach Lea Salonga, which Jed considers a big honor,

Sobrang flattered ako, sobrang honored na such icons, sila yung mga idol ko, sila yung mga dahilan bakit talagang nagpupursigi ako na gandahan yung pagkanta ko kasi bata pa langa ko siyempre iniidolo ko itong mga ito and now I was able to perform with them and for them to say such good things. I will never stop being a fan. Na-sa-starstruck pa rin ako. I will always feel jitters whenever I see yung mga texts ni Lea or mga tweets ni Lani. Fan na fan pa rin ako. Sobrang nakaka-flatter.”