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Top 5 Powerful Moments at’ Teen Power: The Kabataang Pinoy Concert Party’

Here is a list of the top 5 powerful moments at ‘Teen Power: The Kabataang Pinoy Concert Party’ that made the crowd go wild.


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8/16/2015 9:40 AM
Top 5 Powerful Moments at’ Teen Power: The Kabataang Pinoy Concert Party’


The Filipino youth flocked to Teen Power: The Kabataang Pinoy Concert Party last Friday night, August 14, and filled the Aliw Theater with loud cheers as they supported their favorite teen stars. 

The concert party starred the Pinoy Big Brother 737 teen housemates, Gimme 5, Juan Karlos Labajo, Andrea Brillantes, Alexa Ilacad, Jairus Aquino, Sharlene San Pedro, and Kobi Vidanes.

PUSH.com.ph lists down the top 5 powerful moments at the Teen Power Concert that made the crowd shrieked in delight.


1. Dance Showdown: Gimme 5 VS teen male housemates

Gimme 5 members Nash Aguas, Grae Fernandez, Brace Arquiza, John Bermundo, and Joaquin Reyes and the teen male housemates of PBB 737 Jimboy, Bailey, Franco, Kyle, and Kenzo engaged in a heated but fun dance showdown.

To start off, the boy group performed to “Talk Dirty” while the housemates danced the OPM hit, “Mr. Suave.” Gimme 5 then took on “Twerk it Like Miley” while the housemates went “Ocho-Ocho.” Both groups danced “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”


2. Kamille and Ryan’s ballroom dancing 

PBB 737 housemates Kamille and Ryan showed off their ballroom dancing skills during the concert. Kamille wore blue while Ryan wore all black. Ballerinas joined them as they glided through the rhythm.


3. BaiLona, KamZo, GraeDrea, JaiLene and NashLex duets

Love teams also filled the concert party with kilig. 

PBB 737 team-ups Bailey and Ylona, together with Kamille and Kenzo sang Kim Chiu’s “Mr. Right.”

Pangako Sa’yo’s Grae Fernandez and Andrea Brillantes performed Janella Salvador’s “Mahal Kita Pero.”

Meanwhile, Luv U stars Jairus Aquino and Sharlene San Pedro sang “Ako’y Tinamaan” by Reo Brothers while Nash Aguas and Alexa Ilacad performed Piolo Pascual and Sarah Geronimo’s “Paano Bang Magmahal.” Nash and Alexa were joined in singing by the other love teams.

4. The teen celebrities played the Newspaper Dance with some audience members 

Some audience members got lucky as they were chosen to play the party game called Newspaper Dance with the teen celebrities onstage. Each teen star was partnered with one audience member.


5. The hashtags of good values

As the concert concluded, all the teens joined together onstage to sing, “Drag Me Down” and “Kabataang Pinoy.” On the huge screen behind them were the values with hashtags that each Filipino youth should incorporate in their lives. These are: #NoToCyberBullying, #ProudToBeMe, #NoToDrugs, #NoToSmoking, #NoToPreMaritalSex, #FamilyFirst, #GodAboveAll, #Love, #Respect, #LoveToLearn, #StudiesFirst and #SayNoToViolence.