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Derek Ramsay on Angelica Panganiban: ‘I'm so happy that she's happy’

Derek Ramsay shares why he thinks ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban will get married before he does.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


08/15/2015 10:35 AM
Derek Ramsay on Angelica Panganiban: ‘I'm so happy that she's happy’
081515-derek.jpgWith his return to Star Cinema in the upcoming movie Ex With Benefits, Derek Ramsay admitted his newest project is more than just your typical sexy romance. “When you think of the title, it intrigues you already but then you also think it's going to be this typical movie na may kaagaw or may ganito na it's just all skin, sex and stuff like that but it's actually not. It's much deeper than that. That's why I decided to do the project. It talks about two people who have that passion for each other and you think that if you have that love and that passion then no-brainer, dapat the two of you should be together, that's what love is all about right? It's so complicated and there are certain instances in their lives that pushed them apart even though they do have that what we call 100% love for each other,” he shared during the Century Tuna Lite presscon held last August 10 at the Makati Shangri-la hotel. 

During the movie's promo pictorial, Derek admitted that co-star Coleen Garcia's boyfriend Billy Crawford was present while they were doing intimate poses for the poster, but he says there is definitely no issue between them. “Billy's been one of my friends and I only have a few very close friends in showbiz and I've known Billy and I've been fan of Billy. He knows that... I think he's the best Filipino performer. I love the way he performs and he's my friend. With what me and Coleen went through sa pelikula with how sexy it is and the scenes that we did, she's become a friend, too. We're all comfortable there even though he was there. Some people say that's kind of awkward pero hindi eh, kaibigan ko si Billy and he trusts me. I'd like to say that maybe Billy will not allow Coleen to do it with anybody else, he trusts me like a brother. So when we're there we don't feel uncomfortable. Trabaho eh,” he explained.

The Century Tuna celebrity ambassador said with his return to the Kapamilya network, he knows he will have to face questions about his ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban with whom he had a much talked-about breakup. Derek believes that Angel has moved on and is content with her relationship with John Lloyd Cruz. “She's very happy and in a very, very good place in her life right now. I see her she's very, very happy. Minahal ko si Angelica and I'll never forget that. That's a side of me that I'm going to store deep down in my heart,” he shared.

Derek even admitted that he thinks Angelica will most probably walk down the aisle before he does. “When you love someone you want them to be happy so I'm so happy that she's happy and she looks like mauunahan niya ako to have that fairytale ending. My wish to her is sana makuha niya yun. It looks like ganun naman ang mangyayari sa kanila,” he added.

With his current relationship with his non-showbiz girlfriend going well, Derek said he is already looking towards a good future with her that ends in a longtime commitment. “I hope so. Yun na lang yung blessing na gusto ko mangyari sa buhay ko. I've been so blessed. 2015 sabi ko nga is I feel is going to be a very good year for me because it's the year na yun na lang yung kulang eh. I'll find the right person in my life. So huwag natin i-jinx (laughs). I'm very, very happy and sana from all the stories that I've had in the past na it didn't have happy endings, sana naman may happy ending na,” he said.