Fashion Pulis’s Michael Lim arrested

Fashion Pulis facing Cyber Libel charges

Fashion Pulis’s Michael Lim arrested-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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08/13/2015 10:25 AM
Fashion Pulis’s Michael Lim arrested
081315-michaellim_main.jpgSa ulat mula sa Aquino and Abunda Tonight, inaresto noong August 11, ang blogger na si Michael Sy Lim kaugnay ng Cyber Libel case na isinampa sa kanya ni Deniece Cornejo last year. Kaugnay daw ito ng inilabas na medical information ni Michael sa kanyang blog site na Fashion Pulis. Ang medical information na ito ay nagpapatunay na nagkaroon ng maselang sakit si Denise.

Naiintindihan naman daw ni Michael ang naging hakbang ni Denise. Ayon kay Michael, “I’m sure if I offended you, it was not intentional, I was just doing a job.” 

Nakapag-bail na si Michael. Nagbigay naman ng official statement ang lawyer ni Michael: 

“My client Michael S. Lim had already been released. His detention was an unfortunate result of a loophole in our criminal justice system, which was taken advantage by some as a means to an end. My client is resolved to face this libel suit filed against him, thus, any talk or insinuation of a possible settlement is still premature as of this time because we have yet to see Ms. Cornejo’s complaint; as we have been deliberately deprived of our right to participate in the preliminary investigation... In the coming days we shall file the appropriate motions and petitions to protect Mr. Lim’s constitutional rights to due process and press freedom.”

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