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Maria Ozawa calls Robin Padilla “unprofessional”

Maria Ozawa is dismayed the actor backed out of their movie.

Joan Leary


08/12/2015 08:04 PM
Maria Ozawa calls Robin Padilla “unprofessional”
081215-mariaoza_main.jpgAfter Robin Padilla’s camp announced that he decided to withdraw his role in the movie “Nilalang”, Maria Ozawa, who is supposed to be his leading lady, took to Instagram to express her dismay over the announcement.
“It’s not that i really wanted to film w/ robin but i think it was so unProfessional of him to call it off 10days before the shooting starts... i feel so sorry for the film director's,staff..etc,” she wrote.

The netizens had mixed reactions over her comment and she later on replied to some and said Robin should have informed the production staff when he knew about his wife Mariel Rodriguez’ pregnancy not 10 days before their shooting date.


After Maria’s post on her Instagram, Robin posted a photo of a Che Cigarette and captioned, “A Man who does not spend time with his family can never be a real Man" -- Vito Corleone.” He also explained that the health warning on the cigarette has nothing to do with the quote.