10 confrontation scenes to watch out for on 'The Love Affair'

10 confrontation scenes to watch out for on 'The Love Affair'-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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08/12/2015 12:22 PM
10 confrontation scenes to watch out for on 'The Love Affair'

The reunion movie of ‘90s love team Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta The Love Affair is definitely one mature movie.

It tackled, as the title suggests, how an illicit affair brings about many unwanted yet not necessarily unexpected consequences in a person's life and the individuals surrounding him.

Bea Alonzo played the role of a hurting woman named Adie who eventually ended up as Vince’s mistress (played by Richard) after discovering that his wife Tricia (Dawn) cheated on him with his best friend.

For the most part, the movie was about finding acceptance, forgiveness, and happiness. But eventually the movie shone the spotlight on the concept of family. This idea was best shown by the number of dialogues and confrontations during the entire film.

Without spoiling the flick, we will try to give you a teaser on why these scenes (in no particular order) are worth watching out for.

1. Bea Alonzo Tom Rodriguez
Tom played the role of Bea's fiance Ryan. Albeit a little cliche for most mistress films, this opening scene was pretty much the root cause as to how Bea ended up being hurt which led to her meeting Richard's character and eventually becoming his mistress.

2. Bea Alonzo and Jane Oineza
It was a short yet heartfelt scene between Bea and Jane's character who paved the way for Bea to recall what she experienced as a child of a separated parents and which pretty much caused her to make a huge decision that turned things around for all of them.

3. Bea Alonzo and Ana Capri
Proving that she still has it, actress Ana Capri played the role of Bea's motor-mouth stepmother in the flick. On this scene, the two ladies tangle with each other at a very inopportune moment--during Valentine's day which happened to be Al Tantay's character's birthday.

4. Bea Alonzo and Ina Feleo
There's nothing like a best friend who gives you a good dose of reality. Although this particular scene was quite scandalous as it happened outside, you won't be able to help but give Ina a pat on the back for doing a job well done as a best friend.

5. Bea Alonzo and Victor Silayan
Bea got yet another doze of reality during her scene with Victor's character named Noah, when he broke to her th news that things aren't going so well between her and Richard anymore.

6. Dawn Zulueta and Grae Fernandez
Of the three kids of Richard and Dawn, it was Grae's character Timmy who has the most playful characterization. Despite this, Grae's character was given a different layer during the latter part of the film when he was the only one who bravely confronted his mother about what's really going on in their family.

7. Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez
This might be the most intense and memorable scene as Dawn's character showed a different and stronger side to Richard, one that he clearly isn't aware of.

8. Richard Gomez and Bea Alonzo
Car park confrontations may have already been a bit of a cliche, but Bea's mistress character during this scene showed just how much she was deceived and involved in her relationship with Richard's character that she's willing to rid herself of whatever little dignity she has left.

9. Bea Alonzo and Al Tantay
Perhaps that most heart-wrenching scene on the film happened during the father-and-daughter confrontation of Al;s and Bea's characters as they finally tried to resolve their own differences that tore them apart for years.

10. Bea Alonzo and Dawn Zulueta
If there's going to be the number one most powerful and shocking scene in the movie, this would have to be it. The two esteemed actresses not only threw scandalous lines to each other but they also showed just how tailor-made they are for their respective roles.