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EXCLUSIVE: Bianca Manalo speaks up on relationship with Fabio Ide

Bianca Manalo says she's even friends okay with the mother of Fabio Ide's daughter.

Maureen Marie Belmonte

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08/11/2015 08:44 AM
EXCLUSIVE: Bianca Manalo speaks up on relationship with Fabio Ide
081115-biancamanalo_main.jpgEven though she has been absent from showbiz for a little while, Bianca Manalo wasn't able to evade controversy completely especially now that she's being linked to Brazilian mode Fabio Ide.

Of late, Bianca and Fabio have been quite vocal on their respective Instagram accounts about how special they are to each other. In fact the two even call each other "love." 

When asked about it during an exclusive interview, Bianca opted to play mysterious regarding the subject. 

"Nakakatawa. Ano ba tingin mo? Masaya kami we don't want to mess this up," she began.

Then the On The Wings of Love star added, "Hopefully ito na. This would be it. Sana ito na." 

Bianca was formerly in a relationship with businessman Ryan Ordonez while Fabio was once with model Denisse Oca with whom he has a daughter named Danielle.
According to the beauty-queen-turned-actress, "Both of us came from a traumatic relationship. So we're praying for the best, hoping for the best." 

Things are going so well between her and Fabio that Bianca recently posted a photo with her love together with Denisse. 

How did the experience go? 

"Normal. We're all friends. We're all on good terms kaya masaya. Walang negative, walang bad vibes," she said even stressing that everything is good about them that's why she sometimes feels "parang it's too good to be true." 

Despite persistent prodding though, Bianca remains mum as to the status of their relationship.

What she supplied was: "We're happy. We're super happy." 

Bianca recalled that their romance is not something that came out of nowhere since they've been friends for a while now. 

"He tried courting me before pero I was seeing someone na. So this time parang okay friends naman kami talaga to begin with. Parang sige nga," she said. 

Considering the fact that she's turning 29 this year and her being in a "happy state" with Fabio, Bianca however stressed that she’s in no rush to settle down. That's despite the fact that a number of her friends are already engaged, pregnant or are already mothers.

"Lahat sila kaya now I'm very close to Apples Aberin, Phoemela Baranda. 'Yung mga grown-ups na talaga dalaga na 'yung mga anak. Kasi parang all of my friends who are the same age as mine iba na 'yung landas. Sila Melissa [Ricks], sila Helga [Krapf], si Empress [Shuck]. Si Empress nga inunahan pa ako!" She said. 

Bianca then added, "Parang ano ang nangyari? Ako ang ate niyo di ba? It's just kasi now nagbabalik ako sa career ko, siyempre focus muna ako sa career." 

The towering actress is positive that her own time will come. 

"If it will happen, it will happen. If it will come, it will come. One day, someday ako rin 'yan. Magiging ganyan rin ako. But as of the moment, Fabio and I are happy and sana tuloy tuloy. Hindi ako nagmamadali. Yes I am turning 29 this year. Sa panahon naman ngayon bata ka pa when you're 29. So iba muna ang priorities," she ended.