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Derek Ramsay on return to ABS-CBN: ‘Malaking tinik na nabunot sa akin’

The “Ex With Benefits” star admits he's happy to be back doing a project with Star Cinema.

Rhea Manila Santos

Twitter: @allaboutmanila


08/11/2015 08:02 PM
Derek Ramsay on return to ABS-CBN: ‘Malaking tinik na nabunot sa akin’
081115-derek_main.jpgIt's been almost three years since he transferred networks but now it seems Derek Ramsay is going to be called a Kapamilya again, mainly because of his current project with Star Cinema in the movie Ex With Benefits. The controversial actor will play Coleen Garcia's new leading man in the sexy romance which is the big screen adaptation of a popular WattPad story.

Derek's last movie with ABS-CBN was Skylight's Corazon with Erich Gonzalez. “I'm very glad for this day to arrive. It's like a malaking tinik na natanggal sa puso ko. I've always had respect for ABS-CBN. I wouldn't be where I am without ABS-CBN and we did a pictorial the other day inside ABS-CBN,” he shared during the Century Tuna press con where he was launched as the face of their newest Century Tuna Lite campaign last August 10 at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel.

Derek related what he really felt during his recent experiences while working on the movie. “It was a bit strange for me to walk through the doors and the hallways that I used to go through in the past. But you know I gave many years, four years, five years to ABS-CBN and that's where I started and they're the ones that molded me, made me so it was nice to be in the hallways again,” he said.

Even though it was reported that it wasn't the smoothest of transitions when he chose to move networks, Derek says he will always be grateful to ABS-CBN for giving him his big break in the industry. “I've always had that (utang na loob) and it's nice to know that ABS-CBN has realized that it's better for both parties na let's just forget everything and move forward because they are the number one network. I'm very proud to say that I was working for them before and now I can say that I'm somewhat working for them again to produce great movies,” he revealed.

The 38-year-old actor-host admitted he also wants to mend bridges from any misunderstandings he may have had with management. “Di ba at the end of the day pag natulog ka ng walang galit sa iyo, hindi ka galit sa iba, that's why I said malaking tinik na nabunot sa akin kasi they've opened up to letting things just be a part of the past.”

Derek also said he is already looking forward to the chance of doing more big screen projects with Star Cinema in the future after his 'homecoming' of sorts starting with Ex With Benefits. “Yeah hopefully yes. I would love to do more projects with ABS-CBN and with Star Cinema in the future. Star Cinema is the number producer of Filipino movies. I don't think anyone comes close to them but to be part of something like that is something you can pat yourself on the back on and something to be proud of.”