Jessy Mendiola plays the third wheel in KimXi movie

Jessy Mendiola talks about her role in StarFlix’s ‘Must Date the Playboy.’


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8/1/2015 8:04 PM
Jessy Mendiola plays the third wheel in KimXi movie

jessie.jpgKapamilya actress Jessy Mendiola will play a third wheel role in the ABS-CBN Mobile StarFlix offering, Must Date the Playboy starring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim.

“I’m Chloe. I play the best friend of Kim (in the movie). I’m a spoiled, rich model here and we’ve been friends since we were kids. She’s basically spoiled and she gets what she wants, everything she wants,” Jessy described her character.

How is this role different from the others she did? “In terms of looks, in terms of language, kasi she’s very Inglisera. She’s very snobbish. She’s nice but she’s very frank so I’ve never had a role like this before,” she said, adding that most of her roles in the past were the nice and shy types. She also said that there is a reason why her character is a spoiled brat.

Since it’s her first time to play third wheel in the KimXi love team, Jessy said KimXi fans are matured and that they are very supportive even to the supporting cast of the movie as they support KimXi’s projects all throughout. “They know naman na it’s just a show,” she said.

What has been her most memorable experience while doing the movie? “It’s my first time in a very long time to work with Kim and Xian kasi before I’ve worked with the both of them pero hiwalay. Ngayon kasi together so siguro, how they work and how they treat their co-actors is very memorable kasi I mean, they’re already (top) actors and they treat us like one of them so I feel really honored to be working with them.”