5 Reasons Maria Sofia Love is Internet's Pak na Pak

5 Reasons Maria Sofia Love is Internet's Pak na Pak-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


07/14/2015 11:05 AM
5 Reasons Maria Sofia Love is Internet's Pak na Pak

Making her way to Internet superstardom through a series of viral videos that could very well be the answer to the unstable Philippine economy is 32-year-old Maria Sofia Love. At least, that what she claims. She is now based in London but was born and raised in San Pablo, Laguna.

Popular for the caption "Para sa Ekonomiya ng Pilipinas!," hashtag #HumanProud, and coined word "mowdeling," her self-styled clips are a hodgepodge of anything and everything: from her commentaries about Binay, to conquering Spratly Islands, and to her favorite restaurant in London. Though more of a word vomit, her spiels send out a lot of good vibes and comic relief to her avid viewers.

Here are 5 reasons why Maria Sofia Love is pak na pak—superlative of "pak" or a perfect moment/instance.

1) She is promoting the Philippines.

''''Hi queen Sofia. I just wanna ask on a serious note if how can modelling affect the economy of the Philippines?I just...

Posted by Maria Sofia Love on Saturday, 4 July 2015

2) She believes in being true to oneself.
Maria Sofia Love is a proud transgender. In a feature by Manila Bulletin, she narrated how she survived the many challenges that go with being a transwoman. At the age of four, she realized that she was "different" and her parents accepted her for who she really is. She began to drink hormone pills at home in San Pablo, Laguna at 14 and had her sex reassignment surgeries at 23. "I want to be a woman, through and through,” she said in the interview. She never hid her younger self because it's part of who she is.

throwback,,, so GIRLS never be AFRAID to embrace how beautiful u are , because we are all ARE!!!!!! #humanproud

Posted by Maria Sofia Love on Wednesday, 1 July 2015

3) She fights for equality.
"We are all equal. We're all one. Saka na po tayo manghusga pag nasa langit na tayo kasi nando'n po talaga ang hearing. Wala po dito ang hearing," she jokes in another selfie clip.


Posted by Maria Sofia Love on Tuesday, 30 June 2015

4) She advocates for animal rights.  
She's an active member of Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA), Island Rescue Organization, and Foundation for Protection of Animals.

My brothers after the pride . They made my night beautiful . We all can make a difference even a simple smile to...

Posted by Maria Sofia Love on Sunday, 28 June 2015

5) She has the best answer to the Spratly Island dispute.

Posted by Maria Sofia Love on Saturday, 11 July 2015