Instastalker: Celebrity Cat Lovers

Instastalker: Celebrity Cat Lovers-EJ Salut
EJ Salut


07/12/2015 02:48 AM
Instastalker: Celebrity Cat Lovers


Just like their fans, celebrities also enjoy having pets and these animal lovers prove that cats can be the cutest creatures! It doesn't matter whether it has a breed or rescued off the streets, these showbiz idols give their cats the same amount of tender loving care.

??? ??? ??? ?? ???~ ??~ ?????~ ??? ?????~ ?? #??????? #webrokeup D-2

A photo posted by Sandara Park (@daraxxi) on

Hehe. ?????? posing si Remus. #RemusTheMingming

A photo posted by Yeng Constantino (@yengconstantino) on

Snowy, Neri, and Sleepy. #nericatcafe

A photo posted by Neri Miranda (@little_lulu___) on

What's up? #nericatcafe

A photo posted by Neri Miranda (@little_lulu___) on

Goodmorning from my new little fluff-boy Hermes ?? GIGIIIIL @bonneviecattery

A photo posted by Janella Salvador ? (@superjanella) on

Goodmornenng from my bunot-na-kilay and dedmang-si-BOB ???????? #americanShorthair #DedmaoMasParangBwisit ??

A photo posted by Paolo Ballesteros (@pochoy_29) on

#sodt: @annieandlori sandals. Tnx guys!! :) #phantomfrankenstein

A photo posted by Arci Munoz (@ramonathornes) on

#AnyaTheSphynx loves chilling on her Daddy's back and shoulders. #clingiestcatEVER Mana sa'yo @billyjoecrawford ??

A photo posted by Coleen Garcia ?? (@coleengarcia) on

Good morniiiiiing!!!! ??

A photo posted by Jennica Garcia-Uytingco (@dearcatlady) on

Halikan sa Banyo ???

A photo posted by karen de los reyes (@karen_delosreyes) on