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Karylle is okay if mom Zsa Zsa Padilla gets married again

Karylle admits she is trying to lose weight to make space for a pregnancy.

Karylle is okay if mom Zsa Zsa Padilla gets married again-Cristina Malonzo-Balane
Cristina Malonzo-Balane

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06/08/2015 03:26 PM
Karylle is okay if mom Zsa Zsa Padilla gets married again
060715-karylle_up.jpgDuring the presscon for her mom Zsa Zsa Padilla's upcoming July 31 concert Beginnings, Karylle admitted to the press that she is already preparing to become pregnant this year. “Actually nagpapayat muna ako bago mabuntis pero I'm ready any time. We are ready when the good Lord says it's time the time will come. Even like the wedding ganyan, hindi minamadali. Pero palaging handa kumbaga. Gusto ko muna pumayat bago magbuntis so nagpapayat na ako. So ready na nga ako. Gusto ko start from size ganito may space to grow. Yung mga TV kasi ngayon palapad na eh. Ibalik niyo na lang sa square (laughs),” she shared.

When asked if she was already on the family way, Karylle said it's too soon to assume otherwise. “No, sorry. I'll let you know. Huwag muna naman immediately ibabalita, I mean give it some time. Pero not right now. Even kuya Kim (Atienza) thought I was pregnant! (laughs)” she added.

The 34-year-old singer shared how she lost the weight. “I had a pictorial kasi so I'm running pa rin, I also do kickboxing, yoga and swimming. But I love to eat. I can't stop. I have switched to brown rice,” she admitted.

Karylle said she is not choosy about having a girl or boy or even twins. “You know what I'm never really picky like that. I would love any baby that comes di ba? With all my love yan. Wala akong preferences na ganun. Of course I would love a healthy baby, smart, cute, mabait but tough. Mahaba yung listahan ko parang pag nag-pe-pray ako for our baby parang sabi nila kumpletuhin mo na daw yung hihingiin mo eh so pahaba pahaba yung listahan ng good, excellent traits,” she said.

With rumors that her mom is also thinking of tying the knot soon with her architect boyfriend Conrad Onglao, Karylle said she would never be the one to object if Zsa Zsa chooses to get married again. “I love what she has right now. I'm happy that she's so beautiful. I mean kita mo naman sa mukha ng isang tao yung fresh, blooming, ganyan. With anything naman I'm very thankful and I just love seeing her like this. I love hanging out with them. Come what may di ba, ano man ang mangyari I will be there supporting them every step of the way,” she explained.

060715-karylle_up.jpgAfter her own marriage to musician Yael Yuzon for more than a year now, Karylle said his dedication to songwriting has inspired her to compose as well. “I think I've been doing it for a long time, but Yael does it faster and more organized. Ang pinaka-malaking effect niya talaga sa akin is I'm focusing more on storytelling. I'm not a big storyteller. Because that's not the way I make friends. Parang that was never me. So I see the value in it now. Parang every time I make a song now, kasi ang style ko talaga is stream of consciousness so you just write whatever goes into your head. So now I'm trying to be a storyteller if that makes sense,” she shared.

Karylle said she and Yael have become closer because of the lifestyle they lead because of music. “My singleCan't Shut Up’ is out now. It's on iTunes and that was an anniversary gift to Yael. What do you give to a musician? What would make him happiest? Siyempre pag naka-buo ka ng song. I've recorded a couple of songs. We're down to our last four with some remixes here and there. It's also been fun traveling with him. So we went to Abu Dhabi, Qatar and we went to Bulacan for the Northern Lights festival. So it's Sponge Cola and my band minsan nagkakasabay na kami sa mga concerts or festivals,”she said.