EXCLUSIVE: Is AJ Dee leaving showbiz for good to move to Norway?

AJ Dee plans to move to Norway to be with his family.

EXCLUSIVE: Is AJ Dee leaving showbiz for good to move to Norway?-Kristhoff  Cagape
Kristhoff Cagape


06/05/2015 02:10 PM
EXCLUSIVE: Is AJ Dee leaving showbiz for good to move to Norway?
060515-ajdee_main.jpgAJ Dee revealed that he is planning to head to Norway to be with his family. Every year, the actor goes there to visit but this time he is planning to settle down in Norway to watch over his children while they grow up. “Kasi parang it’s due na kailangan ko na talaga, lumaki na kasi ‘yung mga kids ko, kasi nami-miss out ko na ‘yung mga activities sa school.”

But AJ stressed that he is not completely shutting his doors on showbiz since it remains to be his passion. “I don’t want to say [I’m leaving showbiz] for good but with my situation right now parang I need to take a break pero at least alam ko pinag-usapan namin ng wife ko na we are open to move back or come back and then kung may chance pa, kung may opportunities pa to go back sa showbiz why not? Kasi ito talaga ‘yung passion ko ever since.”

AJ is a proud dad of two boys and a happy husband to his half-Norwegian and half-Filipino wife. He relayed that Norway is actually a great place to raise kids “Norway I think they are number one when it comes to raising a family, it’s one reason kung bakit it wasn’t so hard for me to decide to move there kasi like the government, the support that we get from the government, sobrang okay, school nila hospital, sagot nila ‘yun.”

The actor plans to get a regular job once he moves there while doing blogging on the side. “Although may mga bloggers din who really earn a lot pero babae so sa male hindi ko alam kung tatanggapin siya ng Norway and kailangan pa rin talagang mag-work so ano na ako regular job then the normal 9 to 5 working hours and I am planning to produce shows, like fly in mga local artists natin, so ‘yon ‘yung initial na gagawin ko pag dating ko ng Norway.”  AJ’s site blogging site is https://thefilodapper.com/.