Angel Locsin expresses support for LGBT, answers critics on IG post

The actress comments, ‘Wag ho natin idemay ang Diyos.’

Angel Locsin expresses support for LGBT, answers critics on IG post-Gary Ann  Lastrilla
Gary Ann Lastrilla

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06/30/2015 08:02 PM
Angel Locsin expresses support for LGBT, answers critics on IG post
063015-angel_main.jpgLast June 26, the US Supreme Court announced the legality of same-sex marriage across the United States. With this, international and local celebrities expressed support for the ruling on their respective social media accounts.
However, Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin received flak from some netizens after she expressed hers, reposting a priest’s Facebook post in support of the LGBT community on her Instagram account.
Angel even quoted Jesuit priest and author Fr. James Martin, SJ on the caption, “"Respect, sensitivity, and compassion"?? repost from@chitomirandajr.”
In the comments section, which was immediately filled with bashes as well as debates on the topic of same-sex relations, Angel said, “Guys, kung magiging insensitive, rude and self-righteous ho tayo, wag na ho natin idamay ang Diyos. That’s very ungodly and a huge turn off.
The statement says we should show respect, sensitivity, & compassion to one another at naniniwala ho akong yan ang gusto ng Diyos. Yan ang tama J at hindi naman ho tayo Diyos para mang-husga.”
Furthermore, she added, “Wala namang mention ito about marriage, pero personally, I’m not going to deny my LGBT friends the “protection” that “straight” people get kapag kasal. Think of insurances, healthcare, kahit bantay nga sa ICU, etc. & not just sexual acts. Tama naman ho na may pinaniniwalaan kayo, pero careful lang sa kung paano sabihin. I have LGBT friends na sobrang bait, at ako ho ang nababastos para sa kanila. Wag ho tayong mag-away away J.”
However, the conversation still continued so Angel, again, responded. She said, “The message is about love, respect, sensitivity & compassion which are universal values for all religions. It’s not actually an issue about marriage, but a plea for tolerance & understanding of other people’s rights. Because who are we to judge our brothers and sisters? …And do we have the moral ground & absolute right to be preachy & intolerant?”
Wanting the bashing to stop, she added, “I believe that it’s not a choice to be gay due to biological reasons (& science can attest to that) just like I never chose to be straight. Please don’t give someone a hard time just because they don’t share your beliefs. Please do respect our beliefs just like I respect yours. Let God be the ultimate judge, not us. Love & peace to all mankind (and may you find yours, too)!”