X Factor Israel winner Rose Fostanes facing deportation and poverty

Rose claims that she now regrets winning X Factor Israel

X Factor Israel winner Rose Fostanes facing deportation and poverty-Maureen Marie Belmonte
Maureen Marie Belmonte

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06/29/2015 09:30 AM
X Factor Israel winner Rose Fostanes facing deportation and poverty
062915-rose_main.jpgContrary to what she expected, things didn't turn out extremely well for Filipina X Factor Israel champion Rose Fostanes after she won last year.

In fact, in a recent report at online news site Haaretz, Fostanes' visa has supposedly expired already. The report said that her talent management company Aroma Music has already submitted a request for an artist visa after it expired a month ago.

But, via a confirmation with the authorities, the same report claimed that Aroma Music has cancelled the request last April leaving the former caregiver on an illegal status in Israel. The reason behind their decision not to push through with the visa processing is the fact that Fostanes has failed to produce profits for their company. 

Turns out, having an artist visa would require the company to pay her a monthly salary a year. Although the company is convinced that Fostanes "couldn't make a living with music alone, they are still making an effort to request to Interior Minister Silvan Shalom to grant her a temporary resident’s visa.

“We are hopeful that a solution will be found to obtain an alternative visa that will enable her to make a living from other jobs as well,” says the company.

What's more is that, despite their respect for Fostanes' talent, the company unfortunately cannot provide any financial sponsorship for her. To make matters worse, they have also opted to terminate her contract almost a year before it was due to end. This option is apparently included in the written contract signed by Fostanes herself.

“Rose is a very talented singer and we would have been happy to see her musical career take off in Israel too,” says Michal Weissberg of Aroma Music. “As a record company, we tried to develop a big career for her in Israel and abroad, but it takes years to build a career, with hard work and patience.”

Weissberg is convinced that Fostanes could thrive in embarking on smaller shows, unfortunately, not under their management. Following her new star status after her win, Fostanes was prevented from performing on smaller venues that are not approved by her management. (continued on next page)

062915-rose_main.jpgThe company explained that Fostanes failed to make profit from her shows in Israel and Australia because the expenses for the said show supposedly far exceeded their income.

While Fostanes was, by contract, supposed to release an album under the management this also didn't push through because her debut single Walk Away dismally didn't gain much radio play. 

According to Fostanes, the company has attributied their decision over the supposed "lack of demand for English songs." 

“I’m disappointed,” says Fostanes. “I thought my dream would really come true and I’d have a music career. The thing that really makes me sad is that when I went on stage for the first time I was totally insecure and I thought I had no chance, but then things started to change and I started to believe in myself. It was a wonderful feeling, to be given an opportunity. But then things turned out the way they did and I feel terrible again.”

Prior to joining the talent show, Fostanes was part of a Filipino band called Daddy’s Cool Band, which played mostly for the migrants like her near bus stations.

"I loved singing with my friends and we had wonderful evenings together, but then I won on the show and I was told not to keep performing with them, because they told me a respectable singer wouldn’t sing in those kinds of little clubs. That it’s not appropriate. So I really stopped. Now I kind of regret it. I think I might have been better off altogether if I hadn’t won the show and would have continued working as a caregiver. At least that way I could keep on taking care of my family and send them money every month," she lamented

Now, Fostanes claims that she's willing to do "whatever it takes" just to make a living in Israel.

"I know I’m not that beautiful and I know that I’m not the typical singer that everyone’s looking for, but I believe that if I’m just given the opportunity, I’ll prove that I can succeed. I understand the situation that I’m in and the only thing I hope is that the people in the Interior Ministry will understand that I’m a human being just like them, that they’ll understand how important this opportunity is that they can give me," she ended.