Psychologist explains Kenzo and Bailey’s closeness inside PBB house

Gary Ann Lastrilla

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06/28/2015 07:33 PM
Psychologist explains Kenzo and Bailey’s closeness inside PBB house
062815-psycho_up.jpgExplaining the meaning of “bromance,” he said that it was a combination of the words, “brother” and “romance” and that it’s about brotherly affection, brotherly love and deep friendship between two males. 

Dr. Randy said that since Kenzo and Bailey are both only sons in their respective families, it is natural for them to long for a brother. Moreover, he added that Bailey is still young and that the “paglambing” he shows is the same “lambing” he shows to his parents. 

Dr. Randy also cleared that it is normal for boys to become touchy as this could be their way of showing affection and friendliness. Take for example, athletes celebrating their success. 

Dr. Randy also said that Kenzo and Bailey’s parents should worry if the two are no longer close and affectionate towards each other as it may mean a problem between the two. He added that the housemates get homesick, one reason they get emotional and touchy. 

As for the presence of their openly gay housemate Ryan, Dr. Randy said that being affectionate is the housemates’ one way of getting close to him. 

Dr. Randy said that it is alright to show affection between males. He said that this may be one way of educating the viewers that in our culture today, gender expectations and gender roles are changing. “We have to be in touch with our male and female sides because that’s how God made us,” he said. 

Watch Dr. Randy Dellosa's interview here.